Battle of the Soul: Rebirth

On Friday 26th of August Backstage Tales got a chance to attend a unique art exhibition at London HOUSE Studio in Shoreditch, London. Titled ‘Battle of the Soul: Rebirth’ it celebrated a year since the Studio opened its doors.

Artist Adrenus Craton

Artist Adrenus Craton with her paintings for the ‘Battle of the Soul: Rebirth’ exhibition in London.

Curated by the talented artist, creative director and photographer Adrenus Craton, the exhibition presented her work that took 10 years in the making. First shown in Bulgaria five years ago, the exhibition ‘Battle of the Soul’ was focused on the artist’s interpretation of the seven sins and seven virtues. What is good and what is bad? What do we live for and how are we going to live our lives?

“Travelling and living around the world has prompted the same question again and again, “What is this battle?” For me, the battle is what defines you. It’s what stands behind you. It’s what you let consume or confine you. This battle rages on as soon as we stop singing our song, soon as we start playing melodies of Lust, Greed, Sloth and Rage, Envy, Pride and Gluttony. This collection is all about the feeling of taboo vs. normality, good vs. evil, weakness vs. power, sin vs. virtue”.

– Adrenus Craton

'Envy', 'Generosity', 'Greed'. 'Battle of the Soul: Rebirth'

‘Envy’, ‘Generosity’, ‘Greed’.

‘Battle of the Soul: Rebirth’ continues the topic of seven sins and seven virtues, reinterpreting it and trying to find an answer to another question: “which side are you on?” These five years of deep thinking and analyzing have brought Adrenus to an understanding of her true self: she is on the side of ‘love’, the side of ‘awakening’ and the side of ‘truth’. Fourteen acrylic interpretations on canvas depict the journey of a soul that is trying to find its path. Here, five years later, humility prevails over pride, diligence beats sloth, patience devours rage, chastity succeeds over lust, abstinence destroys gluttony, admiration preponderates over envy and generosity demolishes greed.

'Rage' and 'Patience'. 'Battle of the Soul: Rebirth'

‘Rage’ and ‘Patience’.

Adrenus Craton, born and raised in Texas, US, began her artistic journey from the time when she was a little girl. Her very first art exhibition opened when she was only 17 in her hometown of Hallettsville. Soon she moved to New York, presenting another exhibition at Agora Art Gallery in 2002. Travelling around the world, meeting new people and exploring new places gave her inspiration for artistic experimentation and she started to try different mediums to express herself. To date her works include paintings, photographs, creative collaborations, interviews and documentaries. Founding London HOUSE Studio in the centre of one of the most creative districts of London – Shoreditch – gave her a platform to bring together likeminded creative individuals. Today the Studio represents an exclusive photographers’ studio, a boutique modeling agency, Novelmodels Elite, and has now proven itself to be an amazing exhibition venue.



CEO and Founder of Backstage Tales Irina Gorskaia with an artist Adrenus Craton.

CEO and Founder of Backstage Tales Irina Gorskaia with an artist Adrenus Craton.


In addition to the works of Adrenus Craton, the ‘Battle of the Soul: Rebirth’ exhibition presented a collection by a guest artist Anita Kutsarova. A former Fine Art and Fashion Design student and a London based artist born in Bulgaria, Anita searches for her inspiration in sketching garments, constructing and deconstructing patterns and fabrics. Fourteen paintings on canvas presented at the exhibition demonstrate her fascination with composition, form and shape.

“As part of her creative process, she began using butterfly forms and structures, and the butterfly became a symbolic pursuit within her early works. The inspirational transformation of the butterfly became the clear link between her artwork and her subconscious desire for change using the renowned Butterfly Effect”.

– London HOUSE Studio




A writer from the United States, Denice Enoch Craton presented her trilogy ‘Encounters of Short Arisings’ during the exhibition. ‘The Journey’, ‘Sweet Interlude’ and ‘Beyond Encounters’ present a very touching story of love, loss, mystery and hope, which shows how life goes on after an incredible loss. During the exhibition Denice signed all copies of the books sold and shared the story of a writing process.

“With a broadened mind I see more than what is tangible, and to touch in the distance is to bring in much. The truth I write about is not only for my own personal fulfilment, but also for the enjoyment and simple satisfaction for any who wish to pick up a good book”.

– Denice Craton


Anita Kutsarova and Denice Enoch Craton.

The trilogy is now available for purchase online and in bookstores.


In honour of the 19th year anniversary of the philanthropic organization, The Art of Elysium, London HOUSE Studio will donate a portion of the proceeds from any paintings sold. The organisation is supporting creativity and art and is willing to give out art kits to the individuals of need.

“We believe that The Art of Elysium, founded by Jennifer Howell, is a beautiful and deserving organisation, and we wholeheartedly support its endeavours to heal the world through art”.

– London HOUSE Studio

Photographer and filmmaker Jed Darlington-Roberts captured the incredible atmosphere of the exhibition in a short film:

Special thanks to the sponsors of the event, PROPERCORN.

Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Untitled Agency & London HOUSE Studio

Film: Jed Darlington-Roberts

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