Bringing back the 90’s: A$AP Rocky X Guess Originals

We’ve seen hip-hop fashion-hero A$AP Rocky and iconic-denim brand Guess Originals come together once again, to provide us with a variety of vintage pieces for their third collab. But what’s the inspiration behind it?

Titled ‘Ice Cream and Cotton Candy’, the capsule collection is inspired by Vintage Guess and filled with numerous co-branded pieces for both men and women. Made up of crop tops, jeans, dungarees, dresses, skirts, miniskirts, boxy jackets, and the classic oversized graphic tee, the collection has a lot to offer for summer 2017.

Bringing back the 90’s

‘It starts off with a fantasy, an imagination, right?’ – A$AP Rocky

Like many of his collections, A$AP began with a concept. For the Guess Club, he decided to focus upon nostalgic fashion trends from the 80’s and the 90’s. And from this, bought together heritage designs with a contemporary aesthetic.

A$AP’s vision for the collection combines both his childhood memories of the brand, with his own personal taste. This is reflected within the strong running theme of bright whites, baby pinks, pastels and candy stripes.

‘Growing up with an urban hip-hop background. Guess was part of that, in the Menace II Society films and in my household. It was my own twist on archival pieces.’ – A$AP

‘Trend and styles always come back around eventually, so you can only collect when it comes to good fashion’. – A$AP

For A$AP, the 90’s was a predominant and iconic decade, just like the 60’s. So what better way to pay homage to the whole concept of this time than to create a collection inspired by it?

‘The 90’s was always good. The grunge meets the techno look, meets the urban look, the hip hop look – all of those hybrids just defined it’.

Ultimately, A$AP’s main aspirations for the vintage throwback collection was to bridge the gap between youth and the past generations of Guess. Whilst at the same time, expressing his inner man-child. And with the light-hearted colour palette, and a little something for everyone, the every-day staple pieces will allow all of us to re-experience a slice of the 90’s for ourselves.

The collection is now available on selected Guess outlets and other Retailers with items priced between $39 and $148.

What do you think about the collection? And which 90’s trend stands out the most for you?

Text: Lizzie Moxom

Images: Complex, Elle, Design Scene, HypeBae, Guess

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