Fashionista of the Month: Luoana Negut

Luoana is the creative behind the blog Uptown Style and is dedicated to bring her readers simple inspiration through creating effortless looks and promoting happy lifestyle. She is a lover of minimal and classic pieces and lives by the statement ‘simple is beautiful‘.

Tell me about your background and what inspired you to start blogging?
My background lays in graphic design & photography, with a major degree in both, so as you can tell blogging was something that came quite easily to me, but of course, everything has a start. Blogging was first introduced to me via London Fashion week, 5 years ago while I was a photographer for a London based magazine, and meeting and interacting with bloggers at that time, I felt a calling, I started the blog as a way to experiment and see where it would go. I didn’t really know what to focus on so I dipped into everything on my blog at first, then over time as I saw I grew my following, I noticed what my readers liked and started to refine it. The rest is history.

How would you describe your blog, how does it differentiate from others?
Uptown Style has the message of classics behind it, a place where I share my style and a way of life that can fit anyone. I wanted to create a destination that any reader of any background can associate with and I am hoping from my readers perspective that I have done just that! Anyone is welcome to read and share.

What is the inspiration behind Uptown Style?
Simple and classic styles, going into it in more details will only obscure this message.

What do you want to communicate to your readers?
Simple is beautiful, you don’t have to spend a lot to look the part, keeping things simple and classic gets you a long way always looking on trend.

How do you prepare for new posts?
I usually see what my followers seek through comments and requests if any, then I start looking through mags to see trending topics I feel my readers would benefit from knowing and I start formulating my styles and topics. I first come up with my blog titles and work from there, they usually change, but it’s good to have somewhere to start from.

What is the most difficult part of blogging?
Keeping my head above water working with media and PR, there’s still this concept that influencers shouldn’t be paid for the work they do and dealing fees is one of my biggest challenges. If it’s not the right fee they don’t work with you, or when they approach you thinking it’s ok to do a whole campaign without any reward back and you have to decline a company you love!

And the best part?
Working with companies that adore you, respect you and is a delight working with. Even the photos look a million bucks!

Describe a day in your everyday life?
This changes a lot, every month for me is different. I’ve been developing my creative studio called Uptown Studio working closely with its clients to provide social media activation & consultation, creative & art direction, design, branding, content creation and creative consultation across a range of different industries and platforms and since this, a day with me consists, 5am wake up, coffee and blogger emails before 7am, we then plan what to shoot for the day and then from 12pm I focus on studio work. It’s a busy life, but I love it. If you want to visit the studio check out our page

How would you describe your style, and what’s on top of your wishlist right now?
My style is classic with key basic pieces that work together, I don’t like looking into my closet and thinking, argh, I have nothing to wear today, or I don’t feel inspired to throw on something effortless. Like this, the basics all work together no matter what I throw on. Here are a few things on my wish list now.  Off shoulder tops, espadrilles for summer, you can’t say you aren’t hooked to the straw basket bag, the white blazer that you can have year after year, the classic boyfriend jeans that work with flats, espadrilles and heels, versatile for any top

Where are you in 5 years and how did you get there?
Well, 5 years looks prosperous for me, a full functioning physical studio with a small team working senseless with clients for both Uptown Style and Uptown Studio. I also need to find more time to go to fashion week, I keep missing it all the time and declining so many invites, it’s time to throw myself into the deep end.

How do you imagine your blog in the future?
I’ll be honest, not any different from today. Simple is beautiful and that’s always going to be the message.

Any tips for aspiring bloggers?
It’s working your ass off, staying consistent in the hard work, always brain storm and always keep a notebook at hands reach, those golden ideas come, so write everything down with a date! You have to also enjoy the hard work you do that can elevate your exposure to new readers and followers.

Want to see more of Luoana? Visit her blog here and her Instagram here.

As told to Lene Hille 

Images: Luoana Negut

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