Fashionista of the month: Waters Riley

Waters Riley blew our mind away with her fascination for Dr.Martens and fedora hats. We had a chat with her about her daily life as a blogger and a grungy style queen – and she is inspiring.

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Tell us about your background, and what inspired you to start blogging?
I’m from Kauai, HI. I moved to Missouri from California a couple of years ago. I started blogging when I was 18, and what inspired me to start was my fascination for Jeffrey Campell shoes when I was 17. I started buying them because they were unique, and my blog was a place where I had the opportunity to show how I styled them. From here I started getting emails from up and coming brands, and they wanted me to promote their products.

Do you have a job beside your blog, or is it your full focus?
I have a full time job, working as a brand ambassador for Google Fiber. I spend anywhere between 10-18 hours a week blogging, which includes emailing, writing, editing photos and photographing outfits and products.


How would you describe your blog?
It has more photos than words, it’s Tumblr inspired. Street Fem consist of edgy street wear and structured grunge styles. I like capturing moments of my life, whether I’m walking around exploring the streets, or dressing up and going out for the evening.

What do you want to communicate through Street Fem?
Dress however you want, whether it’s super edgy or preppy. Confidence and attitude is the best you can wear. I used to believe that you have to splurge on shoes, and I still believe it is the most important detail of your look. Nice shoes gets me through the day.

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What do you focus on when planning your next post?
My focus is on what I’m going to name the post, and my Instagram colour scheme. I’m trying to be as creative as possible, but sometimes I just can’t find anything to type and ending up with: ‘The Black Dress’, not that there is anything wrong with that, I would just like my blog to include interesting blog titles. I also focus a lot on my presentation on Instagram, as I see this as very important. It’s all about whether you get a new follower, or not. I always try to stick to the same editing on my photos, to have a consistent colour scheme for my feed to look good!

Preparations for a blog post?
To prepare and create a blogpost, I always need a photographer and a creative mindset. I usually use my friends for photography, and focus on creativity within the photos. I want my photos to be appealing and exciting.

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What is the most difficult part with blogging?
I’m struggling with finding photographers to take my photos. I have a time-frame of when I want all posts to get published, once a product is sent to me it should be posted anywhere between 2-3 weeks.

And the best part?
I love getting clothes in the post, having an image of how I’m going to style them. Making it alive,  shooting the pictures is amazing, especially when the result is just how you imagined.

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You describe your style as ‘structured grunge, and edgy street wear’. What would be your typical outfit, and what would be the perfect to wear?
My outfit would consist of black skinny high waist jeans from Urban Outfitters, paired with Dr. Martens, a grey or black fedora wool hat, and a neutral coloured crop top. I also love the outfit for my next blogpost, consisting of a dress, Dr. Martens, and a wool fedora hat. I love Dr. Martens and hats, so the perfect outfit would be that combined with a dress from For Love and Lemons. Don’t forget to add the confidence and attitude to the attire.

Describe a day in your life?
My days are never consistent, things are always changing, every week I have a different schedule. However, what does remain is the time I wake up, which is at 7:30Am every morning. I will start washing my face with cold water to wake up, drink a glass of water, and have a 10-15 minute yoga session, while I’m waiting for water to heat up for my tea. When I’m done with my morning routine, I play with makeup and create something that would go best with the outfit for the day.

Do you have any tips for aspiring bloggers?
Consistency and passion is all you need. Creativity have never hurt anyone either.

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Photos: Street Fem

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