Films to watch: August

August has crept up on us yet again, and just like the months before, it has endless cinematic treats for us to enjoy. Here are the top five films we’re looking forward to this month.
Films to watch in August.

The Dark Tower

Released on the 4th of August, and based on Stephen King’s book series, The Dark Tower centres around the feud between Roland, a gunslinger (Idris Elba), in a fictional world who is seeking to stop an enigma of a man called the ‘Man in Black’ (Matthew McConaughey) from destroying ‘the Dark Tower’, a structure that stands at the nexus of all reality.

Acting as Roland’s sidekick is Jake, a young boy from the big apple, who’s played by up-and-coming child actor, Tom Taylor. The film looks like it’s set to be a hit at the box office, but with a running time of only 95 minutes, diehard fans of the novel may be left a little disappointed.  But with the silky tones of Elba and McConaughey throughout, surely their performances will make up for more for the shortness of the film?

Check out the trailer:

Annabelle: Creation

Coming out on August 11th is Annabelle: Creation, a new terrifying experience, bringing horror fans closer to the creepy doll, Annabelle, seen in The Conjuring spin-off films.

This prequel goes back to the origins of how Annabelle came to be a demonic doll and why it has tormented countless families. The story follows a doll-maker and his wife who kindly give shelter to orphan girls. But one girl unearths one of the doll-maker’s creations- Annabelle. Soon after her discovery, terror ensues. This trailer is not for the faint hearted so get ready…

Check it out:

Death Note

Sticking with the creepy theme, new Netflix film Death Note, directed by Adam Wingard, is adapted from a best-selling Japanese manga comic. The Fault in Our Stars’ actor, Nat Wolff, takes the lead, starring as Light Turner, who discovers an ancient notebook which is a little out the ordinary. The notebook contains the power to kill anyone whose name it etches in its pages. But that’s not just it. It also summons a demon named Ryuk, who becomes a terrible influence on young Light, urging him to put the cruel out of their misery.

This adaptation previewed at the San Diego Comic Con, and received high praise from fans of the original anime.

Death Note is set to be released on the 25th of August.

Check out the trailer:


Gripping Netflix crime series, Ozark, tells the story of a family man, Martin Byrd (Jason Bateman), facing the consequences of what he thought to be good decisions.  Martin Byrd falls into business with the second largest drug cartel, but his business partner makes a decision that puts Martin’s life in danger, facing  threats from foreboding financial woes, a Mexican cartel, redneck drug lords and his own family. In order to avoid danger, Martin moves his family from Chicago to Missouri and sets up his own operation. But this move makes his once united family turn against him. Head to Netflix now to see how the situation develops.

Films to watch in August. Ozark


Starring John Boyega, this hard-hitting drama focuses on the horrible, dark truth of America in the 60s. A police raid in Detroit, during the summer of 1967, results in one of the largest race riots in American history. The story focuses on the Algiers Motel incident, during the racially charged 12th Street Riot. It involves the death of three black men and the brutal beatings of nine other people. If you haven’t already, check out the trailer, it’ll have you on the edge of your seat.

Check it out:

What films will you be watching this month?

Text: Afua Aidoo

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