Maison de Choup: fashion with anxiety

I met George in the que to the Ashley Isham show during London Fashion Week in September, and the second he told me about his brand – I knew I was interested to hear more. We decided to meet, and a couple of weeks later we sat in a café in Winchester to talk about Maison de Choup.


The brand is the brainchild of George Hodgson, and was founded in 2014. Maison de Choup allows youth to express themselves through their clothes, and George launched the brand after fighting anxiety himself during his early teens.

After finishing his course, he took a year out – and spent it in his bedroom only going out with his parents. George had developed ‘drug paranoia’ after experimenting with drugs at a festival with some friends.

“After a long time in bed, I had enough and went to get some help. The psychologist told me I had drug paranoia, meaning I was terrified of drugs – I thought it was on everything and threw everything out.”

– George Hodgson


At this time, he was still starting his brand and spent all his time in his dad’s office. Drawing sketches and experimenting with print designs, George thought he could actually do something with these ideas – and so he did. It didn’t take long before he started looking for designers with the same vision about mental illness, as he wanted designs based around his anxiety – he wanted to help himself and others struggling through clothes.

“My brand is about creating awareness of mental health.”

George Hodgson – Founder of Maison de Choup

Maison de Choup has been recognised by companies such as Vanity Fair, and it just keeps growing. George now collaborates with the leading charity Young Minds, donating 25% of the proceeds from the ‘words fail me’ collection to the charity. Supporting Young Minds and designing garments with a message, George sticks to his aims of Maison de Choup – inspire people to wear garments and talk about the reason they’re wearing them. It doesn’t matter if you support or fight anxiety – the clothes are made to be talked about.


“I never want to quit sticking to mental health, I want to become a brand that makes beautiful clothing, the brand that was born out of anxiety.”

Maison de Choup is a brand with an important message, focusing on talking about and not being ashamed of mental health and anxiety. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Maison de Choup. Can you?


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Text: Lene Hille

Images: Maison de Choup 

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