Mark Fast AW 17: The Knit-Meister

Mark Fast has returned to London Fashion Week this year, showcasing a luxury spin on his usual knitted masterpieces. Taking ideas from art, cinema and sculpture, his collections have always included inspiring artistic design – creating pieces that are out of the box and aim to make women rise up.

From looking at Fast’s previous collection I was excited to see more of his intricate wool designs and to see his art work up close. Each garment was rich in Fast’s signature vibrant colours. Fuchsia patterns flowed into burnt oranges before ending the runway with a contrast of stark black and ice blue dresses.

To mark his return to the catwalk, each gown was outstanding from his usual classic designs – embellished with sequins, jewels and glitter. The jewels and beads were seamlessly woven into the beautifully hand-crafted crochet tops. A feature admired on most of the dresses was his use of tasseled and feathered skirts, creating stunning volume and movement to such a simple material. Tassels in various lengths and viscosity gave the gowns a silky glow as they paraded down the runway. The feathered skirts burst out from scoop back tops, complimenting the precise knitted patterns with a more chaotic, tousled look – the ice blue dress, especially, reminding me of something out of Swan Lake.

“From the deepest caves, up from the graves, bringing her soul into the light. The heartbeat of the dragon she did fight. Fire, cool, disintegration. A moment of love is her resurrection.” – M.F

The colour palette and progression of sparkles throughout the show was reminiscent of Fast’s return – a Phoenix from the ashes, screaming out in the visual journey from oranges and pinks, to dazzling blacks and blues. Each elegant design provoking opinions with his patterns, lengths and mixture of textures.

The collection saw Fast injecting glitz and glamour into everyday knit wear, creating formal evening looks with an informal material. One of his strongest collections to be revealed this season.

Text: Laura Tozer

Images: Rob Case

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