NYFW: More accessibility, less exclusivity

With the new generation come new thinkers, who are willing to take the risk and challenge the traditional fashion weeks. Last month, one of the biggest event management companies, International Management Group, that produces more than 10 fashion shows every season has announced its new policy- ‘NYFW: The Experience.’

New York Fashion Week, 2017

The co-president of IMG, Mark Shapiro announced the scheme on WWD saying,

“We’ve had incredible demand for brands, designers and people who recognize NYFW and global fashion weeks are changing and evolving. Fashion shows are the ultimate mega-marketing event, and historically the consumer has been outside the door.”

New York Fashion Week, 2017

Over more than a decade, there has been a whole bunch of high profile clients and buyers who do not get invited to the shows because they are not that popular, not from the press or not even an insider. IMG is getting them a VIP service to have a first-hand experience at their favourite designer’s show. The different packages available includes private backstage tours, front row or customised seating, rendez-vous with the designers, models and fashion insiders, styling services, hair-n-makeup in the TRESemme salon, attending trunk shows, getting luxury gifts, access to premium lounges with gourmet food and bars.

Press and photographers at the Tommy Hilfiger show.

Although this scheme will only be applicable to the IMG sponsored events, a large audience will experience the luxury of attending a designer fashion show. The designers and brands will be able to connect with more high profile and real clients than the otherwise celebrity filled shows. For others who are followers and not consumers, can attend the streaming on 14th Street and enter the venue at the specified visiting hours to experience the glamour. Also, an app will be freely available through App Store and Google Play that will live stream the runway, go behind-the-scenes, etc. In October, an all fashion channel ‘Made 2 Measure’ will be launched with Apple TV. The company is also getting ABC Family on board to create a documentary that involves the makers of a fashion week.

For as long as one can remember, the designers and insiders believed that if the show or even a product is massively approachable, it would lose its luxury value. Hence, some of the designers are opting out from the NYFW calendar and shifting the showcase to other fashion capitals. Some designers are also moving on to hold an independent showcase in New York itself.

Should fashion weeks allow more audience or be exclusive to insiders only? Let us know your comments below.

Text: Pinanki Shah

Images: Marc Jacobs, NYFW, IMG, Tommy Hilfiger, Spring Studios.

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