Ones to Watch AW17 at Fashion Scout

Fashion Scout presented the winners of their coveted Ones to Watch award for AW 17 at London Fashion Week last friday. We saw the collections from this year’s winners, Joanna Berling, Krasimira Stoyneva, Orange Culture and RU.

Joanna Berling’s collection saw her using dark and jaunty shapes in juxtaposition with girlish pastel designs. Taking inspiration from the Sculpture of Berlinde De Bruckyere she has tested the limits between beauty and disfigurement. The contrast of colours and misplacement of fabrics created a sharp statement that redefines what is aesthetically acceptable.

#WearHairNotFur is the signature statement for Krasimira Stoyneva, as she attempts to over-rule the use of fur in fashion. Paring synthetic hair with sharp cut designs and vibrant colours, Stoyneva has created luxury fashion with unique materials. With precise contemporary style she has replaced standard materials with hair, creating jackets and skirts in a clash of colours and patterns.

“My aim is to make an ultimate luxury alternative of fur by using synthetic hair. Using hair allows me to create an endless possibility of colour and texture varieties in my garments. I believe that hair with all its potential will become new material to be used within the fashion industry. I would love to be one of the pioneers that made that possible.”

– Krasimira Stoyneva


Created by Adebayo Oke-lawal, Orange Culture is a menswear brand with added flare. Described as a ‘movement’, the brand seeks out individuals who are expressive, self-aware and not afraid of artistic exploration. Each piece aims to compliment the sophisticated modern man, combining classic western styles with daring prints and colours.

The image of the strong independent woman is reflected in the designs of the final winner, RU. Taking inspiration from exploding and cracked buildings, RU deconstructs garments around women’s bodies. This year’s runway presented more casual ensembles that included some kinds of tracksuit jackets, as RU played with a mixture of textile materials, creating a strong, empowering female image.

Text: Laura Tozer

Images: Rob Case

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