A Star is Born: Lady Gaga stars in her first musical

September 2018 awaits the 4th edition of the musical A Star is Born starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.


This musical/drama focusses on the journey of Ally (Gaga), an aspiring singer/songwriter. She meets famous rock-star Jackson Maine (Cooper), whom she starts dating whilst he helps her build a career through her incredible talent. Although Jackson helps Ally, he is also struggling with himself. He believes that his career is what he is, what makes him a man and so, when he loses his career, he metaphorically loses himself in the process. Even though she showers him with adoration, he is insistent that her career will not go down with his, and so he sadly, takes his life.

Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in the 1976 version.

Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in the 1976 version.


There have been three versions of the film. The original film was released in 1937, and was then later adapted in 1964, but the most well-known adaptation was produced in 1976, starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. However, now it will be starring an inspiring, contemporary pop-star and the devilishly hansom, Bradley Cooper.

Gaga, who seems very humbled by the opportunity posted on Instagram:

‘I am so excited to star in my first movie alongside someone I’m so lucky to call my friend. I always wanted to be an actress on the big screen. The story of “A Star is Born” is so special and I’m so grateful to Bradley for making my dream come true.’

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Cooper has also taken on the role of director for the first time, as well as producing the film through his ‘22 and Green’ Production Company together with Jon Peters, Bill Gerber and Basil Iwanyk. President of Warner Brothers creative development and WW production, Greg Silverman is delighted about the fact that Cooper is making his move on the director’s chair. He stated:

‘For those of us lucky enough to watch him work as an actor and producer, it has been clear that Bradley would make this transition to director. We are honoured that he is doing it here, at his home – Warner Bros – and with Lady Gaga as a collaborator and co-star. The world is in for a treat as these great artists’ craft an all new version of A Star is Born.’

Lady Gaga as Ally.

Lady Gaga as Ally.

Until now, we know that only a few scenes have been filmed at the Empire Polo Club, leaving us wondering what other locations are likely to be featured.

The film will be in cinemas on the 28th of September 2018.

Read about the virtual reality at Tribeca film festival HERE.

Text: Christine Rye-Johnson

Images: Variety, Netflix, Screen Rant

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