They Want That? What Musicians Request Backstage

Demands, requests and orders from musicians backstage, are a BIG deal. If the musicians aren’t happy, they won’t perform, so the venue won’t be happy, the guest won’t be happy, no one is left happy.

It arguably shouldn’t be this way, but nowadays, musicians at the height of their fame are god like. If aliens visited earth to discover how to rule it, they’d probably find you need to sing your way to power. So, here are some odd requests from music stars; you may find them surprising – or not.

What Musicians Request Backstage. Beyonce and Jay Z


When hungry, most of us will eat almost anything, but some of these stars are very specific with what they digest.

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj know how they want their chicken, with Queen B making it clear she needs chicken heavily seasoned with Cayenne Pepper. Minaj request mostly wings and they have to be spicy.

Kanye West’s want for yogurt and nuts may be surprising, as may the effort venues hosting Eminem must go to, importing Taco Bell as per his request. Adele makes it clear none of her food has any citrus in. Katy Perry requests freeze dried strawberries. The oddest request however go to Lady Gaga, who backstage eating habits include a small assortment of cheese… on ice.

What Musicians Request Backstage. Beyonce


British singers live up to stereotypes well, with their requests of tea to sip on behind the scenes. Adele orders six mugs, spoons and a proper kettle, presumably to throw a proper tea party. Amy Winehouse asked for PG tips, a classic UK staple tea.

What Musicians Request Backstage. Adele

Mariah Carey’s preference for champagne goes hand in hand with her other want of bendy straws. So classy, so practical. Due to contractual agreements, Beyoncé can only be seen drinking Pepsi, any Coca Cola in site could cause some trouble.

Is it surprising Kanye West orders liquor upon liquor? Hennessy, Absolut Vodka and Patron Silver Tequila are all part of his list.

What Musicians Request Backstage. Beyonce


To feel comfortable and pampered backstage, stars know what they want to feel themselves. Forget a quick bubble bath, Mariah Carey needs not one, but two air purifiers. Paul McCartney requested 20 dozen clean towels, Drake needs his Dr. Browne’s Peppermint soap (apparently the tingles opens the mind and body). Kanye West is more detailed with his care requirements: Carmex lip balm, shower shoes and a barber chair – we assume he provides the barber himself.

What Musicians Request Backstage. Kanye

The oddest, and most intimate request goes to Prince, who needed B12 shots, and someone to administer them backstage (ouch).

What Musicians Request Backstage. Prince

Home comforts

Once fed, groomed and no longer thirsty, some stars still need to perfect their temporary environment. Candles is a big request among music stars, Beyoncé loves the rose scented variety, whilst Nicki Minaj needs the room to smell of baked goods.

Rihanna goes one step further, requesting a specific candle, Archipelago Black Forest. RiRi goes on to also request blue or black drapes, with icy blue chiffon and animal print throw rugs. Opposite to her, Paul McCartney’s animal activism leds him to demand no fur, leather or meat be in the room.

What Musicians Request Backstage


Another way that singers perfect their surroundings is perfecting the climate. Beyoncé requires 78 degrees, whilst her husband wants 72 degrees. I wonder if that causes arguments over the thermostat at home.

What Musicians Request Backstage. Beyonce and Jay Z

Mariah Carey continues to live up to her diva nature but asking for a 75 degree temperature at all times. Justin Bieber is a little more lenient needing the temperature to be between 68 and 75 degrees.


There is nothing quite like bringing the outside in, expect maybe, going outside? Either way musicians have exact tastes when it comes to floral arrangements.  Katy Perry goes a little over board with her flowers, ordering white and purple hydrangeas, pink and white roses and peonies, and absolutely NO carnations. What did a carnation ever do to her?

What Musicians Request Backstage. Katy Perry

Rihanna’s minimalistic approach juxtaposes her other requests, wanting only white tulips, simple and plain. Paul McCartney’s love of nature shows with his order of leafy, full, floor plants (palms or bamboo). On top of that the singer required pale pink or white roses, with plenty of foliage.

The Bizarre

Now time for the requests that could not be categorised. These strange demands really prove the influence one person can have, with strong enough vocal chords to make them famous.

Madonna needed, along with a 200 person entourage, 20 international phone lines. Lady Gaga caused quite a stir when she asked for a mannequin with a twist, as the plastic figure needed fluffy pink pubic hair… why Gaga .. why?

What Musicians Request Backstage. Lady Gaga

Amy Winehouse loved to adorn her dressing room door with a sign reading, “Only big boys can enter”, but no guidance on want makes someone a “big boy”. Mariah Carey once asked for a puppy and kittens to entertain her backstage, as did Lily Allen who made it clear however the puppy was only needed for one day.

Realistically, this trend will probably never die, we love music too much to not let musicians have their way.

What Musicians Request Backstage. Mariah Carey

Text: Jessica Saunders

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