Zeynep Kartal A/W17: Casual Elegance

To commence the first day of London Fashion Week AW 2017, Zeynep Kartal unveils her ninth season of her ready-to-wear collection named ‘Constance’ at the beautiful and respected Turkish Embassy.

For her Autumn/Winter range, Kartal has taken inspiration from the 1920’s, with an enigmatic and feminine edge to it. For Kartal, this emphasises her main aim in her pieces, which is to represent a powerful strong identity for women. Her collection is carefully detailed yet carries a sturdy, sexy element defining her discipline with what she believes are essential female values.

She presented a stunning collection ranging from hand embellished antique-rose themes assorted with glossy satins and detailed lace, capturing the very essence of the vintage decade. With couture silhouettes ranging from black night 20’s style flapper dresses to slick tailored suits coloured in chalk pink, it added a rustic yet warm tone to the collection.

‘Constance’ presents the distinction between classic and modern, a new type of style with beautiful evening wear that gives daywear a classic yet refined spin, eluding as a celebration for the future. Kartal incorporates heavy embroideries in art-deco shapes with the added silk fringing, clean cut tailoring, spiral applique leaf embellishment with her signature edge through the use of traditional feminine fabrics such as silk, velvet and lace to highlight this seasons flattering feel.

Her classic trouser suit style is tailored to appear elegant and almost casual at the same time, to enforce the essence of loungewear. She has tailored classic pyjama styles which enable the transition from nightwear to daywear. The satin and velvet materials she uses gives a luxurious yet relaxed feeling.

The colour palette consisted of; chalky pink and deep emerald greens, to light pea greens for that autumnal-like essence. This creates an earthy effect but still manages to appear very regal as they are both warm tones. Her more creamier pieces are contrasted with dusky colours giving the collection a range of tones. The fabrics that Kartal includes are all very natural including, silk, transparent chiffon, and handmade lace.

All of her pieces have been made using couture techniques which is emphasised in the clean-cut suits and the elegant embellishment. Kartal therefore manages to attain her classic, timeless couture whilst adapting to modern styles, a new collection for Autumn/Winter 2017.

Text: Sophia Georghiou

Images: Rob Case

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