The Wait is Over: The Incredibles are Back on the Big Screen

13 years later, and the wait is over. Pixar have finally released a little tease trailer for the upcoming sequel to The Incredibles.


The Incredibles 2 trailer focuses on the Parr’s youngest son, Jack Jack, suggesting that the film is meant to focus on the young superhero and his development. The biggest surprise out of this teaser isn’t that Jack-Jack has powers, as we saw that he has the ability to shapeshift, turn into steel, teleport, fly, and shoot laser beams from his eyes when he was being kidnapped by Syndrome in the last film, but that clearly his family have only just discovered this.


Running a little over 50 seconds, we aren’t given much more than we already know. The moment Mr. Incredible praises his son’s newly found powers—but we ALL knew Jack-Jack had those capabilities from the ending of the first film.

There has been speculation that Mr. Incredible was the only parent in the trailer because the sequel’s story will reportedly put Helen Parr, aka Mrs. Incredible in the spotlight. The how and why are currently unknown, but it would be interesting to see her as a full-on superhero again, as well as a mother. Now that Syndrome is gone, it might be time that we see the superheroes making a comeback. But we can only guess what the plot of the highly anticipated sequel will be.


The trailer is now the most-watched animated movie trailer of all time with more than 54 million views. The Incredibles 2 teaser sits in seventh place of overall most-viewed trailers. First, second and third place go to It, The Fate of the Furious and Thor: Ragnarok.

Incredibles 2 is set to be released on the 15th June 2018. Will you be Dash-ing to the cinema to see it?


Text: Afua Aidoo

Images: Super Hero Hype, Disney

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