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One of the key attributes of being an inspirational person is being innovative. Not being afraid to push the boundaries, challenge people’s expectations and having a clear sense of who you are. The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) helps to promote such inspirational individuals across multiple fields, such as fashion, animation, music, games and broadcasting. KOCCA was established in 2009 to nurture Korea’s best creators. One such creator is designer Gayeon Lee, who we have had the pleasure of interviewing.

Firstly, tell me a bit about your background?
I completed the Fashion MA womenswear course at Central Saint Martin’s college in London in 2013 under the Professor Louise Wilson. This was following my graduation in BA in Textile Art & Fashion Design, which I studied at the Hong-Ik University in Seoul, Korea. I gained great exposure with my graduation collection, in addition, the iconic pop-artist Lady Gaga rented out 8 outfits of my MA collection and wore one whilst promoting her new album in New York in 2013. Having worked in London and New York for several luxury labels including Marc Jacobs. I have gained valuable experience and great knowledge of the luxury market, which has benefited the launch of my own label GAYEON LEE in 2014.

What kind of products are you designing?
Gayeon Lee is a contemporary luxury womenswear label. My passion for fine art and deep understanding of textile design gives rise to the artisanal elements incorporated into my work, enhancing the delicate finish to the carefully considered, sophisticated pieces. Conceptually driven, my collections always reveal new possibilities in texture, shape, and proportion.

Who are you designing for?
I would like to bring forth a sophisticated simplicity for confident women.

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing your clothes?
I don’t have a specific preference but someone who understands the aesthetic I would like to represent throughout my collection.

Where do you find inspiration when you are designing?
Artist works in various forms such as sculpture, painting, photography, etc / Archive 50-60’S fashion magazines.

What is the process, from paper to catwalk?
Concept development, research, sketch and design, select fabric and trimming, pattern cutting and making toile, developing finishing ideas, making sample pieces.

What is a usual day like for you?
Making coffee, conduct emails, work in the studio. I am busy working on the next AW18 season now which will be shown in one month!

What are your best memories as a designer?
When I saw someone wearing my designs.

What is the hardest part of your job?
Designing and producing a collection is something I love but It also involves everything else such as controlling cash flow and invoice, tracking and chasing production process, and all the other relative administrative works which aren’t something I enjoy doing.

What advice would you give to any budding fashion designers?
Be consistent and patient!

To find out more about Gayeon Lee, check out her website here.

Text: Emily Jordan

Images: Gayeon Lee

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