People who inspire us: Zahide Betul Sahin

Zahide Betul Sahin is one of those designers that really stand out from the crowd. Her eyewear features unusual aesthetics and forms. We catched up with her last week to get to know a little bit more about her and her designs.
Can you tell us about your brand and what it is inspired by? 
I’ve designed eyewear for about 2 years. It’s brand new for me. I care about design with a difference, with a crazy and unexpected aesthetic. My inspiration comes from everything and everyone, I’m not particularly inspired by one thing. This can include many details that seem unimportant in daily life.
Why did you start designing eyewear and when did you get interested in the art of design? 

When I got my exam from the college of fine arts. Design had literally just entered my life, and after graduating from the ceramic department, my dream was always doing sculptural wearable work. I focus on a single product by choosing a more specific path in the accessory field and decided to make glasses.


Can you tell us more about your designs? 
The accessories you use in fashion give you very important statements about your style. I think that glasses are closely related to people’s facial expressions and characters. One of the things that I care most about and is interested in is; facial lines. The eyewear I design, is designed for people with unique styles and characteristic faces.
You’re originally from Turkey, what do you think about the fashion scene there and how does your design differentiate from other Turkish designers?

I currently live in America but go to Turkey quite often. Fashion is progressing quite quickly in Turkey and there are many unique young designers emerging. The point that distinguishes my designs from others is that I design in unexpected forms.


Could you tell us more about what inspires you in your everyday life to curate your eyewear?
I am often inspired by organic, asymmetric, spontaneous textures and forms. What I’m inspired by are reflected not only in my glasses but also in the artistic work I curate in my studio.

Tell me a bit more about your background? 

First of all, I do research on the subjects that I’m inspired by. I visually feed myself. I start to create forms that bring me images that are influential to me, and after the forms are determined, I go to colour search. On the production side, I try to produce everything in 3D.


Interviewed by: Lene Hille

Images: Zahide Betul Sahin

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