3 beauty industry trends shaping the industry in 2018

Experts from CBInsights recently highlighted the main beauty industry trends in 2018. With non-stop product launches and a never-ending stream of trends born on social media, the beauty industry thrives on newness. Despite current world market conditions, the global beauty and personal care industries are booming. Here, we present the concepts, technology and beauty industry trends that are turning the market on its head and giving us all entirely new ways to be our most beautiful selves in 2018.

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Health = beauty

Specialists note that this year the cosmetics manufacturers began to pay more attention to health, promoting the concept of ‘beauty from within’. Non-toxic products and cosmetics for selfcare are gaining unbelievable popularity, and various brands big and small are launching new lines based on natural oils.

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Traditionally the beauty industry was creating products exclusively for women, but this year there is a significant shift towards gender-neutral cosmetics. Such global brands as MAC, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and many others launched products that could be used by both women and men. There is also a new concept of male makeup, and the brands begin to make separate collections of make-up and beauty products specifically for men. Asos, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent, Clinique are among some of the brands that started the trend.

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The European cosmetics industry plays a leading role in product development and is a science-driven and highly innovative sector. Our R&D programmes delve into all imaginable aspects of beauty and well-being, from investigating consumer behaviour and beauty aspirations, the biology of skin, hair, teeth and oral cavity, to new innovative technologies and bettering sustainable development methods. This year, however, Japanese and Korean cosmetics brands have completely won the trust of Western consumers. Traditions from other parts of the world are also becoming more and more popular in the West.

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Retail giants launched their beauty divisions

Large businesses that previously did not operate in the beauty sector opened new horizons for themselves. Using their large customer bases and experience in analysing consumer demand, such retail giants as Walmart, Target, Alibaba rely highly on small brands and grow through the sales of beauty products.

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Target beauty box

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