3 best female characters from movies released in 2018

Looking back at 2018 and our favourite movies that came out, we reflect on some female characters that we loved the most.

christina - lady bird - backstage tales

Katharine Graham, The Post

Steven Spielberg’s drama about the race of The Washington Post and The New York Times for publishing the Pentagon’s classified documents about the Vietnam War was released. Spielberg focused on the winners – The Washington Post, the editor-in-chief Ben Bradley played by Tom Hanks and its publisher Catherine Graham played by Meryl Streep.

Why we loved her

Catherine Graham is the first woman publisher of The Washington Post, who inherited her position from her husband. She is intelligent and understanding, but everyone around her constantly doubts if a woman is capable of running a newspaper. Catherine becomes a victim of the impostor syndrome. At the same time, despite the doubts in herself and the attempts of male colleagues to teach her, at the crucial moment, Catherine indicates to the advisers that she is the main one here, and makes a very risky decision.

Katharine Graham - the post - backstage tales

Cleo and Sofia, Roma

Netflix released a new film by Alfonso Cuaron, Roma. A large-scale black-and-white drama is a story about a middle-class family in Mexico City. Roma is a pessimistic story which concludes that ultimately women can only rely on themselves and on each other.

Why we loved them

Cleo is a sweet girl who is selflessly devoted to the family in which she works. She does not leave them even after a personal tragedy, finds solace in her work and even rescues the children when they are in danger. Senora Sophia also overcomes a personal crisis – her husband leaves her and does not want to financially support his children after parting. She finds the strength to encourage her and her children and continue to live. Both Cleo and Sophia show resilience in the face of betrayal by men and their ability not to break and not lose themselves, experiencing this drama.

cleo and sofia - roma - backstage tales

Christine, Lady Bird

Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson from a directorial debut of Greta Gerwig studies at a Catholic school in Sacramento, dyes her hair pink and moves to New York to find herself and follow her dreams. In her story of growing up, she will make a lot of mistakes and discoveries and will re-evaluate her attitude towards people, family and herself.

Why we loved her

Christina goes from a pleasant girl to an unpleasant, and then admits all her mistakes and accepts all responsibility for them. In addition, she values her individuality and sets herself worthy goals such as college entry. She manages to achieve them, and we salute her.

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kristina - lady bird - backstage tales

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