5 neo-romanticism fashion brands to watch

Light flying fabrics, frills, delicate prints and Victorian mood – this is neo-romanticism. ‘Neo’ because it all looks not at all old-fashioned, but romantic and fresh. Many fashion brands made neo-romanticism its philosophy. We gathered 5 brands that are excelling in it.

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The trademark of the London brand launched under the direction of Hannah Weiland in 2013, was funny fur coats made of multi-coloured artificial fur and handbags woven from plastic beads. Such a stylistic arsenal required suitable dresses – and here they come. For example, in the new Spring/Summer collection of the brand we can see several light neo-romantic silhouettes in the spirit of “Picnic at the Hanging Rock”. In her interviews, Hannah says that she is inspired by art and travel, adding that she creates clothes for those girls who want to have fun with fashion.



The brand was born in the United States and is not related to Paris; Paris Stern is the name of its founder. Inspired by her great-grandmother’s apron, the Paris created several dresses that were a little naive and sexy at the same time. The main elements of the design were the bright fabrics of the “apron” and a finish that resembles the classic ric-rac braid, just enlarged many times. While developing the second collection, Paris relied on recognisable tricks – mini-length, unusual cut-outs and the same huge wave-like tape. She expanded the range by adding leather tops, pants, skirts and boleros, decorating them with buttons in the shape of cherries.

Marianna Senchina

Ukrainian-born Marianna Senchina chose the Milan Marangoni Institute for her fashion education and in 2015 entered the top 10 students, having the opportunity to show her graduation collection at a professional show with a FROW of renown buyers and press. This was the start of her designer brand. In the process of learning, Senchina developed her bright, eclectic and ironic style with a strong romantic note. Today Marianna’s collections have a fresh palette, simple prints and some fabulous silhouettes: Victorian sleeves, flying skirts and diagonal frill.


Hannah Kristina Metz

Hannah Kristina Metz lives and works in New York. Her feminine and slightly naive design partly inherits her character traits. Hanna Kristina confesses that in life she appreciates sincerity and loves cats, that she watches old music videos on YouTube and makes quick sketches in crayon, trying to catch the mood and colour scheme of the future collection. Hannah Kristina Metz clothing is partly reminiscent of vintage: the designer chooses slightly muted shades of bright colours, works easily with complex fabrics like velvet and satin, creates cute retro embroideries and easily fits unusual patterns into practical models.


Horror Vacui

The brand was founded by a designer from Munich, Anna Heinrich. “Horror Vacui is a Latin expression that describes the human instinct for decoration, the desire to fill in free space with all kinds of details,” she explains. Not having a design education, but with the support of the family, which opened a small sewing production, Anna decided to release a series of pyjamas. The turning point was the call from Christian Arp, editor of German Vogue, who saw Anna’s work and invited her to take part in a project for young designers, Vogue Salon. Christian was sure she is capable of creating more than just pyjamas. Initially, Horror Vacui cotton dresses were inspired by nightgowns of the 15th – 16th centuries, but gradually they were transformed with a multitude of elements — frills, scallops, and strings. All this eventually formed the recognisable style of the brand.


Text: Irina Gorskaia

Image: WWD, Instagram

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