5 productive ways to pass the time while stuck indoors

While Covid-19 restrictions are starting to be lifted in some parts of the world, many of us still find ourselves stuck indoors under some form of lockdown. You may have mastered working from home by now – but if you find yourself with spare leisure time, how best to use it? Try these 5 productive ways to pass the time while stuck indoors.

working from home


Cooking is without a doubt one of the most rewarding productive ways to pass the time. With a little more time on your hands, why not experiment with a new cuisine or set of ingredients? Or you could set about mastering a basic skill – like poaching the perfect egg.

There are plenty of other ways to make your time in the kitchen fun, too. Try your hand at a family bake-off, a virtual cook-a-long, or create your own lockdown cookbook.

cooking at home

Home workouts

Feeling lost without the gym or team sports? From online HIIT workouts to yoga, you might be surprised just how much you can do to keep fit from home.

You may find yourself wanting new equipment once you start really getting into it. Weigh up your financial resources and kit out a home gym, invest in a fitness watch, or even order your own spin bike.

Home workout


No matter the weather or where you are, a good book can be your portal to another world. You might expand your mind or pick up some new writing tips. And with all that’s going on, it could help you drift off to sleep a little easier too… Perhaps there’s a literary classic you’ve always meant to get around to reading. You could explore the back catalogue of your favourite author – or even start a virtual book club with a friend.

reading at home

Learn a language

Us Brits aren’t as good at learning languages as our European counterparts. Many of us give it up as soon as it becomes non-compulsory at school. Is now the perfect time to buck the trend, put in the hours, and pick up a new lingo? From French to Italian or perhaps Japanese, you could combine it with some long-term holiday planning and put your new skills to use once international travel restrictions are lifted.

learning a language at home

Host a virtual evening of fun

Demand for video conferencing technology has boomed in recent months – and you don’t just have to use it with your colleagues. Be it a pub quiz or even murder mystery, tell your friends you’ll host a virtual evening of fun and games and spend the rest of the week putting it together.

You could stipulate that whoever loses has to take it on the week after. If all goes to plan, you might be able to take the credit for creating a new social tradition!

virtual evening of fun - productive ways to spend time at home

Have you picked up any new hobbies or productive ways to pass the time recently?

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