7 superfoods to keep an eye on in 2018

What superfoods will you see in every trendy kitchen around the globe in 2018?


The American grocery giant Whole Foods Market is all about proper nutrition, recipes and food trends. And, of course, they were the ones to publish a list of superfoods that will be popular in 2018. We decided to share the most interesting trends now, so that so that you can get your kitchen ready for the new year.


As soon as vegetarianism came into our lives, there seems to be a great amount of different edible objects that we didn’t even know existed before. Fake steak, soy patties, dairy products made from nuts and this is just the beginning of the list. ‘Hi-tech’ vegetarianism has already arrived, but science is not standing still and the new healthy alternatives to traditional dishes are in development. We are sure that the food revolution is around the corner.


Add the healing powder to your favourite dish or drink is extremely simple. It will remain incognito, however, the dish that used to be normal will receive a lot of ‘life-giving’ bonuses. Matcha, Peruvian poppy, cocoa, turmeric, and spirulina will make a long-known soup, cocktail or latte much more interesting.



Flowers are already familiar ingredients that is used as decoration in most high-end restaurants; in 2018 they will also appear in the kitchens. Firstly, it’s beautiful, but the key here is that they are very useful. Pistils and stamens contain certain oils and microelements that are necessary for humans. The elderberry flower, often used for making cocktails, is the most healing.



Good news: snacks will become much healthier. Thanks to the new methods of blowing and drying, chips will acquire new flavours and textures. They will be made from Brussels sprouts, parsnip and even hakama root, which resembles a chestnut a little.

East is a delicate matter

Hummus, falafel, and pita – the whole world has already fallen in love with these dishes. It is time to dive deeper into the Middle Eastern cuisine, and it is impossible to do that without spices. Spiced speed up the metabolism and gives the food this lovely taste we love to cry from. We suggest beginning your acquaintance with superfood spices through cardamom, pasty-shaped harissa, and za’atar.


Back to the roots

In the past few months we have been noticing how vegetables and fruits have been eaten in its entirety, along with the leaves, peel, and stems. This new trend is so unusual, but it’s gaining its momentum. The goal here is not only to reduce the amount of food waste, but also to reach another olfactory-tactile level through the new textures and aromas.


The world of healthy nutrition has long fought with sweet soda, but soda is not ready to give up just yet. Experts from Whole Foods predict that in 2018 a lot of carbonated drinks will appear on the market. The base for them will be birch juice, maple syrup, elderberry flower, but not sugar. Oh, fingers crossed!


What superfoods are your favourite?

Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Vogue, Allure

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