8 films to watch this July

Whatever your summer plans are, be sure to make some room; this July a range of films, from indie to horror to comedy, are making their grand appearance. So pick an air conditioned cinema (perfect to escape the heat) or set up your laptop outside to watch under the stars. Let’s begin.

A Ghost Story

In US cinemas July 7th

This sweet take on loss of a loved one shows a white sheeted ghost, trying to reconnect to the world he left behind. The supernatural drama was written and directed by David Lowery, who creates an artist view on life after death. The films cast, including Casey Affleck and Ronney Mara, should be all the incentive needed to watch it this July.

The Big Sick

In global cinemas July 14th

If you wish to simply laugh the summer nights away ‘The Big Sick’ is a perfect Romantic Comedy, with a twist on the traditional genre. Directed by Michael Showalter, and starring Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan and Ray Romano, this comedy will be sure to make you crack a smile or burst into laughter. The films take on interracial relationships is inspired by Nanjiani’s real struggles with his now-wife and co-star Kazan.


In UK and US cinemas July 21st

This year’s most talked about war film, directed by Christopher Nolan, is a heart-wrenching story of the events at Dunkirk in World War Two. It’s fantastic cast of Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Harry Styles (yes really!), Mark Rylance and Cillian Murphy, to name a few, is sure to make this film a must-see this July.

City of Ghosts

In US cinemas July 14th and UK cinemas July 21st

If you are looking for something unique and enlightening to watch this summer, choose ‘City of Ghosts’. The documentary follows the activist group “Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently” who risk their lives to reveal the effects of ISIS, who ravaged their home city in 2014. Filmmaker Matthew Heinemann has been credited with helping bring awareness to the tragedies in Syria, through his inside look at the self-proclaimed ‘citizen journalist group’.

Hounds of Love

Limited release July 7th and in UK cinemas July 28th

‘Hounds of Love’ follows two serial killer John and Evelyn White and their abduction and murder of women. Writer and director Ben Young succeeds in creating a captivating psychological thriller, set in a most unexpected place, the suburbs of Perth. This film will certainly end up stuck in your mind.

Brigsby Bear

In cinemas July 28th

‘Brigsby Bear’ is this July’s comedy which is sure to confuse and bemuse. The film’s very unusual story follows a man’s obsession with a fictional character Brigsby Bear, the catch of course is the rest of his life is not as it once seemed. The genius of the film comes from the director Dave McCary and actor Kyle Mooney (who also co-wrote).

Lady Macbeth

In US cinemas July 14th already released in the UK

Forget traditional Shakespeare, this drama set in 19th Century England, shows one woman’s repression and fight for sexual freedom. The characteristics of Lady Macbeth do shine through, as Katherine (played by Florence Pugh) gains strength from rebelling. Director William Oldroyd succeeds in creating such a suspenseful drama, perfect to watch this July.

Wish Upon

In US cinemas July 14th and in UK cinemas – July 28thIf you can stomach a horror this July, ‘Wish Upon’ has all the thrills to satisfy your appetite for terror. The films follows the story of one girl, who upon finding a mysterious box, uses it to wish the worst on her enemies. The film, directed by John R. Leonetti, is sure to give you a fright this July.

So, what films are you going to see?

Text: Jessica Saunders

Images: Nerdist

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