A Day in the Life of America – new documentary by Jared Leto

Jared Leto wants Americans to hold a mirror up to themselves and releases a new documentary ‘A Day in the Life of America’. The film features footage of people around the country shot over the course of just one day — July 4th.

jared leto documentary about america

“We sent 92 crews all over the country,” Leto explains. “Had people in every single state, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. and we turned the cameras on ourselves. We plotted and planned for weeks and weeks. We knew there were certain things that we wanted to capture and then there were certain things that we hoped to capture and then others things that we didn’t know we would capture. We were blown away. You see the beauty of this country, you see the contradiction, you see the pain, the hope. The hope — a lot of hope. It’s incredible. At a time when it’s so easy probably to feel a bit hopeless, there’s so much optimism.”

The documentary film which Leto actively promoting at the moment includes a woman in labour, a gay couple at a roller rink and even some members of the KKK. Leto originally put out a call for people to submit their own videos and had 10,000 submissions from people all over the world.

He spent that July 4 night with a crew above Los Angeles:

“I was in a helicopter above Los Angeles filming the fireworks and we had another camera crew that was in New York flying around the Statue of Liberty and just filming this massive crescendo that happens in the film when the country is celebrating,” he said.

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a day in life of america by jared leto

If all goes well, this could be the first instalment of “A Day In the Life” franchise:

“I would love to do ‘A Day In the Life of China,’ ‘A Day In the Life of Russia,’” Leto said. “’A Day In the Life of India’ — my god, that would be incredible.”

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