A Lipstick Paints a Thousand Words: Stand Up to Gun Violence

When you think of lipstick you most likely don’t associate it with protesting. Sure, adding a pop of colour to your lips can make you feel great or compliment your outfit but does it really have any more prevalence than this? The answer you’re looking for is yes.

In the, unfortunately, socially unjust and violent world we live in especially fashion and beauty, once deemed as vacuous and vain, have been called upon to stand up for what is right. No longer are they seen as having the sole purpose of making their users look pretty but have become so much more than this. We only have to look at the ‘Times Up’ to see how fashion and colour were used as symbols to support those who have been victims of sexual abuse and harassment.

Now, social justice movement, ‘The Lipstick Lobby’ have released a brand new lipstick colour to help prevent gun violence after the shootings in America this year. The lipstick is a bright orange and therefore aptly named ‘Fired Up’. This choice of colour coincides with the fact that orange is the colour associated with gun violence awareness. The colour orange has a lot of prominence considering as it was traditionally used by hunters to protect themselves as hunters used to wear this shade to protect themselves.

Social Justice movement ‘The Lipstick Lobby’ have launched a new orange shade named ‘Fired Up’ to help prevent gun violence’

All proceeds made from the sales of the new Lipstick will be donated to the ‘Brandy Center to prevent gun violence’ The charity aims to reduce gun deaths in half by 2025. They have a there part strategy to achieve this, one of which being that background checks are applied to all gun sales.

Kris Brown co-founder of the ‘Brandy Center to prevent gun violence’ She has used the ‘Fired Up’ lipstick to convey one of the ways the charity are preventing gun violence.

Kris Brown, co-founder  of the charity said  “We’re so grateful that ‘The Lipstick Lobby’ is giving gun violence survivors a platform to tell their stories so that we never forget the need to make real and lasting change,” Kris Brown.

Its not the first time that The Lipstick Lobby have supported charities. They have also released shades for the ‘ACLU’ (American Liberties union) and ‘Support Planned Parenthood’.

‘The Lipstick Lobby’ also support other charities.

However founder of ‘The Lipstick Lobby’
Davida Hall explains how they are much more than a beauty brand that gives some of their money to charity.

She says:
“We don’t really consider ourselves a ‘beauty brand,'” she says. “We’re a social justice brand, and yes, we make lipstick, but it’s all about the proceeds, and where that money goes’

Along with the launch of the new shade was a ‘Fired Up’ campaign which featured survivors from the Parkland, Sandy Hook, Columbine and Pulse Night club shootings. In the campaign images the lipstick is worn in the conventional way but also to write messages on the survivors bodies such as ‘Never Again’ and ‘Protect Kids not guns’.

The ‘Fired Up’ campaign featured shooting’s survivors with poignant messages written in lipstick on their bodies.

One survivor to feature in the campaign was teacher Ivy Schiamis who survived the Parkland school shooting.  As well as wearing the orange lipstick in the Fired Up campaign she also opted for the orange shade at the recent graduation at  the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school. Many other students and teachers also chose to wear orange in some way to pay tribute to those that they had lost.

Amy Schiamis , a teacher, survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland. As well as wearing orange lipstick here she wore it at the recent graduation.

“Wearing a coat of lipstick on its own can be simple and stunning. But sometimes we want to say more, say it clearly, and unapologetic-ally.” A quote from the Lipstick Lobby sums up how much can be said without saying anything at all.

From this we can see how beauty has moved forward from simply having an aesthetic purpose to being used for something so much bigger.  Conventionally used to make a fashion statement, today lipstick is being used to make a statement to end violence, raise awareness and create a brighter and safer future.

TEXT: Chaz Pond

IMAGES; The Lisptick Lobby
The Lipstick Lobby Instagram.


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