A luxurious Christmas night in for one

Long cold nights and over scheduled Christmas calendars has its shortcomings, but it also presents the opportunity to have a Christmas night in with family, friends or just yourself and a bubble bath. Even more luxurious, grab yourself some indulgent essentials (and the fluffiest dressing gown you own) and turn a standard relaxing evening into a Christmassy at-home spa.

Run a bubble bath

Set the mood and unwind by lighting your favourite candle – we love Neom Organics Scented Candle to help us de-stress – followed by your bubble bath recipe. Are you a bath salt or a bath oil kinda gal? Or maybe you use both! Relax and unwind with West Lab Festive Frankincense & Myrrh Bath Salts and Olverum Bath Oil infused with eucalyptus, lime and true lavender.

Apply your skincare routine

The best part of the day is always when it comes to removing your make-up and doing your elaborate skincare routine. Now’s the time to pull out your hydrating serums, thicker moisturisers, active ingredients and of course, facemasks!

Check out our recent Winter Skincare Swaps to find some new formulas and benefits this winter. We’ll definitely be stocking up on the Aromatherapy Associates Hydrosol Sheet Masks to help promote a healthy, radiant glow – and is perfect for the morning after the night before.

Grab your snacks

Now we don’t know about you but when it comes to a bit of a pamper, snacks are needed – especially if you’ve invited a few of your best gals over. Grab your best chocolates – or crack open your first festive tin – and enjoy. Want something a bit fancier? Head over to M&S to pick up some platters, canapes and vol-au-vents. Oh, and don’t forget the wine- we recommend Barefoot Pink Pinot Grigio with notes of tasty tart apple, peach and raspberry.

Settle in for the night

When it comes to Christmas, there is a bit of a law around formal attire. Not matter how old you get, it is vital that as of 1 st November, it is imperative that the Christmas pj’s make an appearance. We’re loving the new sets from Chelsea Pee r NYC collections . The real question is, do we pick snowy penguins or the classic Christmas print: foxy fairisle? Now it’s time to settle in for the night and put your best films on – Anyone up for The Secret Life Of Pets 2-Movie Collection or The Grinch?


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Text: Laura Ward
Images: Olverum, Aromatherapy Associates, Pexels, Chelsea Peer.

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