Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson Adapt A Million Little Pieces

Since their last collaboration in 2009, the Taylor-Johnson filmmaking duo have been busy on their own projects until now.

However, eight years later, and we see them teaming up once again to create a screenplay adaptation of James Frey’s controversial best-selling book, A Million Little Pieces, originally published in 2003.


Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Initially advertised as a memoir about a 23-year-old man’s recovery from years of drug and alcohol abuse; the claim was later exposed by The Smoking Gun as a largely over-embellished account loosely based on true events but with parts of the story being completely fabricated by the writer.

After Oprah Winfrey selected the original book for her book club and producers, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston, landed the movie rights with Warner Bros., the book was set to become a huge success until the outing of its scandalous fabrication.

Frey was infamously questioned on Oprah Winfrey’s show live on air, and his book was later reclassified as fiction. But even then, the story remains a powerful message that portrays a man’s voyage to sobriety.


A Million Little Pieces book cover

The duo previously worked on the hit John Lennon film, Nowhere Boy (2009), which Sam directed and Aaron starred in. The incredible success of Nowhere Boy, landed Sam in the director’s chair once again for E.L James’s exceedingly popular, Fifty Shades of Grey which managed to globally gross an impressive $571 million. However, after a slight clash with the book franchise’s author, Sam opted out of returning for the sequels.

Aaron Johnson as John Lennon in Nowhere Boy

Even though the Taylor-Johnsons have risen up to the challenge to turn the book into a feature film, could the creation of a previously fabricated memoir be potentially problematic? Could this lead to other previously unexposed falsehoods from the book being bared to the world?

Although filming and dates are yet to be confirmed, this is a project that is sure to be interesting. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for any news on the progress of this film!


Text: Millie Bull

Images: EW, Pinterest, Inquiries Journal



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