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How did a golden boy from Los Angeles, Jonah Hill, become one of the most significant figures in the intellectual part of Hollywood?

Jonah Hill

In December everyone will be frantically summing up the results of the year and the media will be filled with lists of the most important things that happened in 2018. It will be strange if John Hill is not mentioned in at least in a couple of them. In the past twelve months, the number of mentions of his name in the media increased significantly. In 2018 he starred in the widely discussed TV series “Maniac” and his directorial debut will soon be released – the indie drama “Mid90s”, produced by the most advanced film studio A24. So, who is Jonah Hill and why he is so cool?

Lucky start

Jonah Hill Feldstein was born on the 20th of December 1983 in Los Angeles to a family that is very much in line with all the common ideas about this city: his mother Sharon Lin is a costume designer and stylist; his father Richard Feldstein is an accountant for tours of Guns N ‘Roses and other musicians. The Feldsteins didn’t have to complain about the state of their bank accounts and lived in the prestigious area of Cheviot Hill right between Fox Studios and Sony Studios.

After high school he got into the prestigious Bard College in New York, specialising in humanities and art, continued to study at the New School in New York with, and then graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Having found himself in favourable conditions since his birth, Jonah Hill was deprived of the need to play any roles to pay bills. Hill himself acknowledges this and feels privileged to have been in such luck. His success is not only due to having funds, but he also owes it to his mind and charm.

Jonah Hill and Leonardo di Caprio

Directorial debut

Hill began to write at the age of seven. Back then it was the scripts for the episodes of The Simpsons. He continued to write later and produced the script to his film “Mid90s”, which is also Hill’s directorial debut.

Studio A24, which is also often referred to as ‘the future of Hollywood’, was involved with the production. It helps independent American films to rise and rarely makes any mistakes with its projects, so you can expect a decent level from Hill’s work.

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mid90s jonah hill director studio a24

“Mid90s” is the story of a 13-year-old boy Stevie who lives in Los Angeles with his mother and unfriendly older brother. Stevie joins the company of skaters in parallel exploring the world around and growing up in search of love, which he cannot get at home from his family.

“Mid90s” is not an attempt to keep up with the 90s trend, but a true nostalgia for the things that formed him. Even skateboarding here is not a Gosha Rubchinskiy windfall, but the personal experience that Jonah had when he was a part of a skate group (his nickname was John Jew). Critics that watched Hill’s debut during the Toronto Film Festival in September were generally positive about the film.

What else to love Jonah Hill for?

Jonah Hill has an eclectic musical taste and a broad knowledge in the music field. He listens to hip-hop, rock, classic and avant-garde music. He loves Jay-Z, Neal Young, Mozart and Philip Glass.

Hill became the most unexpected and cool style icon after Shia LaBeouf. Hill’s manner of looking like he was not particularly worried about what he was wearing made the world fall in love with his relaxed style. He is praised by almost all of the American glossy magazines, there is an Instagram account dedicated to his best looks, and Adidas asked him for a collaboration.

In fact, Americans love Jonah Hill so much that for the second year in a row in Brooklyn Jonah Hill Day is celebrated. At first, Hill was a bit unsure about coming to the event, but he promised to come to one next time.

Jonah Hill and Leonardo di Caprio

Are you excited to watch “Mid90s” directed by Jonah Hill?

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