Why we’re adding SPF to our daily routine

Whether you set out for a day at the beach or a day at work SPF should be part of your daily skin routine no questions asked. Everyone knows to use sunscreen and everyone knows its a crucial part of keeping your skin healthy but how many of you apply it as part of your everyday routine?

SPF protection

A broad spectrum sunscreen protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. The effects of UVA rays are easy to see and feel as they are responsible for that painful sunburn and visible markings. UVB rays on the other hand penetrate deep into the skin which cause deep skin issues and reduce production of collagen. These rays don’t leave any visible signs of sun damage but will decrease your skins elasticity causing premature wrinkling, fine lines and dull looking skin with an uneven tone and complexion.

SPF skin care

Sunscreen works to protect your skin whilst reflecting the light from penetrating your skin (depending on whether its a physical or chemical blocker) if you think you’re safe because it’s a cloudy day, think again, up to 80 percent of the sun’s rays can pass through clouds. Winter snow are also no exception since the sun’s rays are multiplied by the reflective nature of the snow.

If SPF moisturisers are part of your everyday routine because of how sticky it feels or how it leaves your skin looking lighter you don’t have to worry, the beauty industry has a wider selection of SPF more than ever.


Will you start using SPF in your skin care routine?


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Text: Melissa Hawkes

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