‘Up front current DnB bangers’: An Interview with Killbox

This year, for the first time, the prodigies behind Killbox, are playing at Hospitality in the Dock at London’s Tobacco Docks.


When we first heard that these two drum & bass legends- Ed Rush and Audio- were behind the alias, Killbox, we knew this was going to be a feast for our ears. The duo, having worked together in the past, have created an unbridled sound that has launched them to the top of upfront DnB.

With a banging EP, and an album in the works, there’s no doubting that these guys mean business. Before they hit the docks, we managed to catch up with them; getting to know a little bit more about their sound, their influence and what the future has in store for Killbox…


Your names have become pretty synonymous with the drum and bass genre… After various individual releases, years of experience across countries all around the world, and a legendary reputation, you have finally revealed yourselves as the prodigies behind Killbox…

…why did you choose to take your extensive experiences and collaborate to create Killbox? 

Audio: It started with a b2b set for the Bad Company relaunch at fabric, we had such a good time, it made sense to take it further, to see how far we could take it.

Ed Rush: Yeah, we knew we couldn’t leave it there, so Killbox was born.

And you managed to keep your identities completely under wraps for a while… why did you decide to do that?

Ed Rush:  At first, we wanted the music to speak for itself without any preconceived ideas on what it should be.

Audio: We both have big back catalogues so it was refreshing for us to start again with a clean slate, so to speak

What was the reaction like when you eventually decided to go public?

Audio: A lot of people had guessed already to be honest, and the response has been great. We’ve been blessed to be booked without having a big body of work out there, but that will change very soon.

Ed Rush: Yes, album soon……….

What do you think you both bring to Killbox?

Audio: Tea.

Ed Rush: Biscuits!

What would you say are each other’s strengths in producing drum and bass?

Audio: Ben’s great at weird sound design, and never seems to get looped out working on some details.

Ed Rush: Gareth brings a strong work ethic to it, so we are always doing something to progress.

You recently released a killer remix of ‘The Veil’, how was remixing this different to producing your own track?

Ed Rush: It’s very different as you have a sound palette to start with, so the vibes are 50% there already, much easier to get something moving.

Audio: Yeah, remixing is a lot of fun, especially when you like the original, and I really enjoy keeping the orig vibe but adding our stamp to it.

When producing a track, what kick starts the creative process? 

Ed Rush: We both are usually working on things in our own studios, then once a week we get together, listen to what we both have and see if they can be merged into a tune.

Audio: Yeah, we are always working on something , so we never have a shortage of options.

Have any other artists influenced your own individual style of drum and bass? 

Ed Rush: Within the scene there’s a certain amount of friendly competition as far as production goes, which is healthy and promotes progression within the genre. I think pretty much everyone is in awe of certain producers like Noisia and Mefjus so seeking inspiration from these guys is standard.

Audio: Outside the scene, we listen to all different types of music, especially hip hop and grime, and can be inspired by many of the greats like Wu-Tang. The attitude in their music is infectious.

You have a forthcoming album being released soon… What can your listeners expect to hear? 

Audio: We like to think we have a decent balance of good modern sounding dancefloor smashers and some tracks on the album that pay respect to the era that we love so much. That late 90’s, early noughties sound, but with modern production techniques.

Ed Rush: Yes, its a celebration of the sound that we love and a reflection of our roots too.


You’re going to be at The Car Park for Hospitality in the Dock at the end of March… What kind of set will you be dropping? Can we expect a sneak preview of some tracks from your forthcoming album?

Ed Rush: We will be playing some Duran Duran and other hits from the 80’s. Nah, it will be up front current DnB bangers.

Audio: We have been playing many tunes off the album in every set we’ve done as Killbox, so this wont be any different.

This is your first time at the docks, what are you expecting? 

Both: Big tings! Should be amazing. We’ve heard a lot about this venue, so really looking forward to it.

You attended quite a few festivals last year… which ones stood out and why?

Ed Rush: There was quite a few to choose from. Boomtown and Let it Roll were both stand out.

Audio: Yeah, both the production and the reaction to our set was incredible.


As well as in the Docks, you are also at Rampage, and Nass festival this year… are there any other festivals you will be attending?

Ed Rush: We are doing Let it Roll, Arcadia London at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and DreamBeach Festival in Spain.

Audio: We are also doing Dour Festival in Belgium and Another World Festival in the UK. There are some more in the pipeline to be announced. Keep your eye on our social media for more info!

And lastly, who are you both listening to at the moment?

Ed Rush: Nagging wives…..

Audio: … and screaming kids! Lol…really liking the new Foreign Beggars – 2 2 Karma album.

Ed Rush: Yes, liking that one too. I’m still caning the Giggs – Wamp to Dem mixtape every tune on there is sick.

Hospitality in the Dock line-up.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Killbox! See you at the Docks!

You can catch Killbox’s set at Hospitality in the Dock on the Carpark stage on March 30th 2018.


Interviewed by: Millie Bull

Images: Kmag, YouTube, Guestlist, Liquid Audio Network, Drum and Bass News,


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