ANISSA AIDA SS19: A Dream of the Mediterranean

Anissa Meddeb (ANISSA AIDA) presented her SS19 Collection at Fashion Scout on Friday 14th September, starting the day’s presentations with a dreamy showcase of her minimalist collection. ANISSA AIDA was awarded with Fashion Scout’s SS17 ‘Ones to Watch’ accolade, and has returned this year with similar flair; her new collection draws influence from many cultures, as Meddeb has woven together her Tunisian heritage, Japanese aesthetic and a colour palette plucked straight from a village in the Mediterranean.

ANISSA AIDA SS19 | Backstage Tales

The collection flowed across the catwalk like a sea wave, each garment being deep blue or crisp white, with every shade in-between. The colours meet each other in lines, stripes or bold blocks.  The simple structures and shapes of the garments is usual of the designer, being praised before for her ready-to-wear garments. Each piece would look perfectly at home on a shore of white sand, under an exotic and distant sun.

Amongst the minimal aesthetic, the collection is presented with a few oddities. There were two matching handbags held in each fist, mirroring the two block shades of blue dividing the dress in half; asymmetrical coats, with the missing sleeve draped around the bare arm of the models instead.

ANISSA AIDA SS19 | Backstage Tales ANISSA AIDA SS19 | Backstage Tales

The oriental cultural influences shine through with Meddeb’s use of Japanese Boro textiles, variations on kimonos and patchwork. Her personal background can be found in her use of fabrics, as the denims and silks used were of Tunisian origin.

ANISSA AIDA SS19 | Backstage Tales ANISSA AIDA SS19 | Backstage Tales

The rigid structure of the bags contrasts the loose movement of the pieces that are comfortably fitted. The metallic flash each model wears on their eyelids – and equally silver glow on the lips – contrasts with the rustic look of the white straw hats adorning slicked back hair.

ANISSA AIDA uses ethical practices in creating a collection, using sustainable sources and ethical production processes.

ANISSA AIDA SS19 | Backstage Tales ANISSA AIDA SS19 | Backstage TalesANISSA AIDA SS19 | Backstage Tales

What are your thoughts on ANISSA AIDA’s SS19 collection?

Text: Jessica Saunders

Images: Rob Case

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