Most anticipated A24 films of 2018

Last month we have looked how A24 Films studio, an American independent film production and distribution company, is disrupting the film industry and Hollywood. Today we take a look at the most highly anticipated films that the studio is about to release this year, and, trust me, you would want to watch them!

The Children Act a24 films

The Children Act

The Children Act

A drama about a family judge who needs to somehow convince parents of a teenager Adam to make a blood transfusion on which his life depends. The boy’s parents refuse the procedure for religious reasons, and Adam himself cannot make such decisions until he turns 18 in three more months. This waiting game can become fatal for him.

A24 Films presented the film during the Toronto Film Festival last year, but it will be released worldwide in early September. Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci play the main characters.


John Hill’s director debut of John Hill, who is well known to us as a charming comedy hero, has already become one of the most anticipated films of the coming Autumn. There are many different reasons for that.

Firstly, John Hill himself has been nominated for Oscar twice, he is an intelligent joker and a charming actor. You can definitely expect something extraordinary here. Secondly, it is a tenacious nostalgia for the 1990s. Thirdly, the main character – a 13-year-old boy Steven – is not only a cute little boy himself but also a skater. In general, there is a big chance that the story of Steven growing up will leave us speechless. The world premiere of the Mid90s is scheduled for the 19th of October.

Under The Silver Lake

This slightly crazy A24 Films neo-noir drama by David Robert Mitchell was shown earlier this year in Cannes. According to the plot, a dishevelled Californian boy Sam gets acquainted with a girl and, after her tragic disappearance, tries to find her. The main characters are played by Andrew Garfield and Riley Kio, which also makes the film really attractive. The will film will be released in America on the 7th of December.


This is yet another film that was presented by A24 Films during the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. It was shot by the scandalous director Gaspar Noe – the author of the famous Irréversible and Love. Climax is like a long music video in which the students of the dance academy arrange a graduation party and someone adds LSD to sangria – the main drink of the evening. Just imagine a crowd of sexy dancers under LSD at a party – it’s a hypnotizing spectacle.

Are you excited for these movies to reach the big screen?

Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: A24 Films, GQ, Slash Film

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