Most anticipated music albums of 2019

2019 is definitely going to be yet another awesome year for us music lovers! We’ve taken a look at some of the most anticipated albums that are set to be released this year. We hope you’re excited as we are!

most anticipated music albums of 2019 - backstage tales

Amo Bring me the Horizon

The Manchester fivesome is back this year for their sixth studio album, set to be released this month. Lead singer Oli Sykes talks about how his previous marriage breakdown and the love rollercoaster with his new flame has inspired the new album material. He says the new LP reflects on how powerful and violent love can be, describing it as a ‘leap of faith into the unknown’.  The band say this album is more ‘weird and experimental’ than anything they have done before.

most anticipated music albums of 2019 - backstage tales

Assume Form – James Blake

Its been three years since electro babe James Blake released ‘The Colour in Anything’ in 2016, and the new record is only a moment away, with the release date set for 18 January. His last single release ‘Don’t Miss It’ will feature on the album. This piece saw Blake deliver a complex mix of robotic voice tones, piano lines and haunting background hums, that we can’t deny its prettiness. The album is set to have some major collaborations including Travis Scott, Andre 3000 and Moses Sumney, so you definitely don’t want to miss it! (Pardon the pun).

No Geography – The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers have confirmed the release of their ninth album ‘Geography’ which will be hitting the shelves in spring. The trancey banger ‘Free Yourself’, which they collaborated with Kraftwerk on, will feature on the release. The deep synths and techno grooves will no doubt be a hit at festivals this summer, and we can’t wait to see what other big names they will end up on the LP!


Although the name and exact time of release has not been confirmed yet, last February Grimes revealed on Twitter that it would be likely an album would be released by the fall of 2018, with a second one following shortly after, early this year. Seeing as neither has been dropped yet, we suspect they will be released very soon in 2019 and may be immersed together.

The single ‘We Appreciate Power’ came out in November, which delved into the hiatus of the artificial revolution. We look forward to what quirky tunes the pop prodigy will produce next.

most anticipated music albums of 2019 - backstage tales

Five – White Lies

In early February White Lies are releasing their fifth album which they named ‘Five’ clever, right?  The band say that the new material marks a decade for the band and has pushed them to explore their sound artistically. The first single to feature on this – ‘Take it Out on Me’ was inspired by a lunatic on Instagram who kept commenting on a friend’s photo. Main lyricist Cave talks about how friendship is a key theme of the new album, and how they have finally begun to feel like proper adults.

most anticipated music albums of 2019 - backstage tales

Norman F**king Rodwell Lana del Rey

The beautiful Lana Del Rey has treated us to a teaser track, ’Hope is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have’, after recently finishing album ‘Norman F**king Rodwell’. The mournful song is a depiction of the myths that surround celebrity culture as well as touching on family, religion and the feeling of being alienated. Rey says the title track is named after a guy who is a genius artist but he knows it, and won’t stop going on about it, the type of guys she often ends up with. The exact release is still yet to be confirmed, but we can’t wait to hear the finished piece sometime this year.

most anticipated music albums of 2019 - backstage tales

Sucker Punch – Sigrid

Norweigan pop star Sigrid has announced the release of ‘Sucker Punch, which is set to drop in early March. Whilst talking about the new album to NME, the singer said “I  figured out early on that it’s gonna be difficult for me to try and be anything other than who I am. I always said if I’m gonna do this it’s easiest to be myself and look like myself, where I can recognise myself.” Playing the piano and singing whatever comes naturally to herself is her general inspiration which makes her material so genuine. Sigrid is set to support George Ezra on tour later this year, so 2019 is definitely going to be a big year for the upcoming star.

most anticipated music albums of 2019 - backstage tales

Notes on a Conditional Form The 1975

It’s been a whirlwind year for the 1975 after the release of their anticipated album ‘A Brief Enquiry into Online Relationships, in late 2018. The poppy record tells a story of our society’s relationship with technology, social media, politics, and is a general overhaul of the millennial culture. The game-changing record is refreshingly honest and explores lead singer Matt Healy’s journey through love, addiction and isolation, almost like a confession, collaborated with bouncy pop synths. As if this wasn’t impressive enough the band are set to release yet another album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’, of which the first single will be in out January. Manager Jamie Oborne hints that it will be a ‘nighttime record’.

most anticipated music albums of 2019 - backstage tales

Thank U Next – Ariana Grande

After dropping the iconic single ‘Thank U Next’ which publicly addressed her exes and laid out her vulnerability, whilst single handily breaking the internet with the music video, the singer revealed the album will be named ‘Thank U Next’ too. Although there is not much information on the album yet all we do know is that the new material is set to be bass driven with trap beats, there are no collaborations this time, and although the lyrics are mostly sad, doesn’t mean that the beats along with it will be. Watch out for this later sometime this year.

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most anticipated music albums of 2019 - backstage tales

Tame Impala

It’s been almost four years since the psychedelic Tame Impala’s last album ‘Currents’.  Although nothing has been set in stone frontman Kevin Parker says he’d be disappointed if the new album wasn’t out by summer 2019. So we can only hope! Parker also mentioned that he doesn’t like to play unreleased songs live, which sadly for us means we’re unlikely to hear any new jams before the whole album is released. Tame Impala have collaborated with Theophilius London on their joint track Only You, and are rumoured to collaborate with Mark Ronson later this year. We can’t wait to hear the completed masterpiece!

most anticipated music albums of 2019 - backstage tales

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Foals

Alt-rock band Foals have announced they will be releasing not one but what appears to be two albums in 2019 – ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’ Part 1 and 2.  The pieces are set to be a follow up from their last album ‘What Went Down’ from 2015.  The teaser video the band released a figure running through snow and fire hints at possibly being part of an upcoming music video? Mysterious. Watch this space.

most anticipated music albums of 2019 - backstage tales

Let us know what albums you’re most excited to hear this year!

Text: Chloe Humphries

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