A Guide to Boosting Your Profile as an Aspiring Musician

Becoming a success in the music industry is no mean feat. Though the two key ingredients are talent and dedication, aspiring musicians also need to spend a significant amount of time boosting their profile, which is also known as marketing their ‘brand’. By making sure you stand out from the crowd, you are more likely to attract a larger audience, appeal to more agencies or producers and effectively establish your uniqueness as an artist. But how exactly does one go about boosting their profile? After all, you’re an aspiring musician – not a marketer. Don’t worry. We’ve written this article today to help anyone with this predicament. So, read on to find out our top tips for establishing your musical brand.

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Create a Social Media Presence

For starters, you need to create accounts across all social media platforms for your music. We recommend investing the most amount of time into video or audio orientated platforms, like TikTok, Instagram or SoundCloud. These are perfect for reaching out to people with samples of your music. Meanwhile, Facebook is a good ‘base’ for your marketing operations. You can share anything you’ve posted on other platforms to Facebook and provide more information on other things, such as upcoming events you will be performing at. When using your social media, try to add a personal flair or stick to a certain aesthetic which aligns well with your music’s genre. This will really help to establish your brand – whether that’s alternative rock, country folk, or an eclectic mix of everything.

Hire a PR Company

There are some things that you can’t accomplish on your own when it comes to boosting your musical profile. For example, the average person won’t have permission to advertise themselves on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. This is why you need to hire a music-focused PR company, such as Now Listen Pr, the number one digital music marketing agency in the UK. Specialist PR companies like this one have detailed knowledge of algorithmic growth across music and social platforms, driving traffic to your music and producing definitive results. If you want to be heard, music PR companies will ensure there is an audience listening.

Providing Free Samples

Everyone loves getting things for free, regardless of what it might be. This is especially true for music. Providing audiences with one single or a sample of a song has always been an effective way to generate a buzz, especially before releasing the complete album. We recommend doing so across your social media platforms, whether that be a snippet on SoundCloud or BTS for Instagram. If people like what they’ve heard already, they are much more likely to go to buy your music than before. As such, free samples introduce your songs to a far wider audience, thereby boosting your profile.

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If you are an aspiring musician, we hope you have found this guide helpful when it comes to making your mark in the music industry. Don’t hang around – be proactive and start producing your brand’s content today.

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