Australian Fashion Week: Four Designers That Will Inspire You

Backstage Tales picked out four of our favourite designers that presented their collections at Australian Fashion Week. These will definitely be an inspiration to your wardrobe and your mind.


Founded in 2011, TEN PIECES was a collaboration with Ian Nessick, now Maurice Terzini and Lucy Hinckfuss are continuing to shape the brand. Their collections are presented in groups of ten where you can either wear one item or ten; you are free to mix and match the outfit into your own individual style. This collection features vertical prints inspired from industrial architecture and landscapes, and a reference to the Sharpies. The collection is styled with a raw and classic Australian edge.

Thomas Puttick

Newly launched, the Sydney-based designer showed a luxury womenswear collection featured by female models of all ages. Inspired by women’s rights not to just look good in luxury, but also feel good about it. He intends to create clothes that will always move with the woman, never against her. Together they will capture the modern woman; powerfully equal and equally powerful. Puttick first entered the fashion industry at the age of 18 as a trainee for Alexander McQueen. Since then, he has also worked with designers such as Helmut Lang.


Since they started in 2012, the sister duo, Beth and Tessa MacGraw, has utilized their talented eyes for beautiful fabrications in wearable silhouettes, in order to get in to the Australian designer landscape. By being inspired from a fresh look of youth and mixing playful colours with playful patterns, and developing their own unique prints, they have caught attention from the media. The brand can count on celebrities such as Lorde, Banks, Karlie Kloss and Pandora Sykes as fans. In addition, the designer-duo stands out as innovators, when developing a new technique with merino wool, creating 100% merino lace that doesn’t crease. This innovation makes it possible to wear lace during winter as well.

Christopher Esber

Since Esber launched the brand in 2010, he is sticking to the same vision in every collection.

Looking back at our first collection it still feels relevant and we continue to work with the fundamental elements from that very first collection; tailoring, shirting, embellishment and leather” – Christopher Esber.

His background in tailoring is core of the mixing between masculine and feminine codes. Each garment has a slight street sensibility in its tailored relaxed cuts, sports inspired accomplishments, for an undone quality to the clothes.

Text: Synne Krogstad

Images: Getty Images

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