‘Barely There, Bronzes, Berries and Bright : Bridal Beauty

Being a bride is stressful. Whether you’re Meghan Markle or simply a girl wanting the wedding of your dreams, everything has to be just right … including your make-up. We have a look a the top trends to make sure every bride is looking her best on the big day…

Natural Beauty

‘ A face without freckles is a night without stars’ Meghan Markle.

It would actually be a crime to flick past Meghan Markle who was the beautiful bride at the wedding of the YEAR. Whilst the whole globe waited in anticipation to see what gown the actress would wear, as she married into royalty, her make up look, was also fit for a queen (or should I say Duchess). Meghan looked radiant and glowing on her (extremely) big day as she placed her look in the capable hands of makeup artist Daniel Martin, whose aim was to ensure the bride looked ‘timeless, elegant and chic’. Martin chose products that allowed Meghan’s natural beauty (and freckles) to shine through, going against the heavily contoured look we have seen in recent years. A look was created similar to that chosen by brides such as Poppy Delevigne and Kate Moss in the past.  A touch of concealer, a brush of peach on the cheeks, a natural tinted pink lip balm and a sweep of mascara were all the ingredients needed to make Meghan look absolutely ravishing. Smokey but natural eyes took centre stage  and completed the look. Not only did the makeup chosen accentuate Meghan’s natural beauty but the brides personal taste. Martin explains how Meghan is ‘very much about keeping her skin as real and natural as possible ‘ Meghan has said before that she doesn’t like to wear foundation and her’ [makeup] routine is very simple. I call it the five minute face.’

Meghan’s barely there makeup look showed her natural beauty and has been chosen in the past by brides such as Kate Moss and Poppy Delevigne.

Meghan has opted for the natural look long before her wedding and has continued wearing sheer makeup since becoming part of the royal family.

Nude Nails

Nude nails were everywhere at the MTV Music Awards this year with stars such as Camilla Mendes and Yara Shadidi donning simple but stunning shades. Nude toned nails are an obvious but gorgeous choice as Sophie Harris-Greenslade from the Illustrated Nail says that ‘Neutral, nude or blush tones on a bride always look clean and elegant and they do not distract from your bouquet and ring’.
However it is important to choose a shade that compliments your skin tone. Pinky nudes are perfect for those with cooler skin tones and nudes, yellow/ golden neutrals and peachy neutrals are greater for those with warmer skin tones, says Sophie.

Nude nail polishes such as those worn by Camilla Mendes and Yara Shadidi are perfect for blushing brides.

Glittering golds
On your wedding day you want to look NO. 1 and there’s no better way to achieve this than adding a touch of gold to your make- up look. Stars have been rocking this look throughout the year from Alisha Boe sporting gold eyeshadow and highlighter at the MTV Music Awards to Jenna Dewan opting for glittery gold shadow at the Billboard Music Awards. There’s something for everyone whether you want to put gold on the lid, inner corner or use it as a liner. Rose gold would be a great option seeing as it has been sported by EVERYONE in 2018 such as Bella Hadid, Lily Collins and Vanessa Hudgens.

Gold toned makeup was worn by stars at the 2018 MTV and Billboard awards.

Rose Gold has been hugely popular this year.

Miracle Metallics

Gold isn’t the only metallic that can be chosen for the brides big day. Metallics were super popular at this year’s Oscars as like Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie wore metallic eyeshadows. Mila Kunis also wore a dramatic metallic look at this year’s Billboard Awards.

Stars wearing metallic makeup at this years Billboard Awards and Oscars.


Metallic tones were once associated with brides that desire to be edgy but these shimmering shades have had a makeover as they are now associated with a softer, shimmering look. To transform these celebrity looks from showy to bridal make- up artist Jenn Stiecher suggest using a creamy, rather than powdered eyeshadow for a more natural look.

To re-create the looks worn by Ashley Judd and Lupita Nyong’o who chose metallic shades for their lips a neutral shade with a bit of shimmer should be selected in shades of gold, peach and bronze.

Ashley Judd and Lupita Nyong’o added a touch of shimmer to their looks , at this years Oscars, through metallic lipsticks.


Berry vs Bright lips

Berry lipstick was the most popular lipstick shade for brides in 2017 , with searches for the shade going up by 71 per cent compared to the previous year, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Berry lips were seen all over the Oscars, worn by the likes of Zoey Deutch, Taaji P. Henson and Gal Gadot. Taylor Swift also chose a berry lip at this year’s Billboard Awards and Olivia Munn a dark berry at the Met Gala. However bright lips have also been seen frequently this year. Eliza Gonzalez, Jennifer Lawrence, Kelly Clarkson and Amal Clooney have all sported  orange shades whilst Greta Gerwig chose the classic bright red lip for this years Oscars. Whilst bright lips may seem risky for a bride on their big day it can work for some brides who want to add that pop of colour.

Berry lip shades have been worn by stars at the Oscars, Billboard Music Awards and Met Gala this year and are a popular choice for brides.

Orange toned lips have been a popular choice this year and are perfect for a daring bride.


What do you think? Which make-up will you say ‘I do’ to?

Text: Chaz Pond

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