How to keep your bathroom cabinet sustainable

Making sure you keep your bathroom cabinet green and your makeup bag sustainable has never been easier, as protests up and down the country plead for a change in consumerism. Brands are beginning to cotton on to providing a more ethically formulated product as well as clever methods and tricks trending online.

While we might feel inclined to spend more in order to be green on bottles, plastic waste, food waste and fast fashion, skincare and beauty can be a little overlooked. In June 2018 personal care market will hit $25.11bn by 2025, which means we are buying things as parts of trends and as targets of marketing campaigns. It’s important to create those trends and shape them into sustainable products.

Try eco-friendly ingredients

Okay, so creating your own home remedies can not only be time consuming but sometimes a little ineffective, but looking on the shelves for sustainable ingredients is a great start. All beauty and skincare products will have an ingredients list on the back, search for ones that are based on natural formals. Deoderants are an easy place to start, ditch the aerosols and go for a salt-based stick.

Attempt to go plastic-free

My bin-liners were constantly filled with large plastic bottles from finishing that last shake and squeeze of shampoo, a toothbrush that has seen better days or packets of cotton buds. I then wondered where it actually went… although they can be moved from bin to field, or to sea, the plastic doesn’t biodegrade in my lifetime or my children’s. Re-using plastic or switching to packet-less completely has meant I’m shopping at places like Lush a lot more regularly.

Search for cruelty-free

While making sustainable products is one thing, searching for cruelty free brands is another. Their ethics and values are important when reflecting how we want to move forward as an industry, the beauty world is too advanced to still be testing on animals. Places like The Body Shop and Neal’s Yard are a good place to start, both selling bath, body and make-up.

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Text: Ellie Botti

Images: Lush, Kristina Balic

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