Our top 5 beauty box picks- Tried and tested

As if receiving post wasn’t enough, receiving beauty products is even better.

The most affordable way of sampling new beauty; beauty boxes have revolutionised the way we now shop for something new to bless our beauty cabinet, and the best part is it will not cost you more than £20 per month to do so – cheaper than a spa membership.


Sampling mini goodies (and even full sized, if you’re lucky) has meant taking out the endless umm-ing and ahh-ing from the beauty counter as you try to justify spending £50 on a face cream before you’ve tried it – nightmare! And enabled you to know exactly what you want – take that beauty assistant.

Let’s not pretend that receiving post is really exciting, so what better combination than with cosmetics, it’s like Christmas has come every month. Take a look at the Backstage Tales top 5 beauty subscription boxes.


One you may have heard of before, it is a must for lovers of pink with its string pink appeal. Glossybox is value for money with prices starting from £8.50 pm on a cancel anytime basis and the best part is you will receive 5 products with every box.

When you create an account with them you are able to customise what you can receive through their mini questionnaire, so you know that what you are going to get is something which you can use.


One of the golden oldies of the beauty box world, Birchbox has always been a popular choice from the minute it launched on the market. With its gorgeous limited-edition boxes which sometimes collaborate with leading professionals and brands such as Disney – which always sell out if you’re not subscribed.

Again, each box is personalised to your preferences and a cost of £10 per month – a bargain if you ask me!

look fantastic


A fantastic all-rounder for cosmetics new and for old trusty faithful’s. The content always exceeds the price you pay with an average saving of over £40 – you’d be crazy not to snap this up. A little more expensive at £15 per month, but just think of that saving!

secret sense box


The latest in beauty boxes for those who love fragrance. Established by The Fragrance Shop, these boxes of pure joy enable you to try 3 perfumes of your choice each month without having to spend a fortune on a bottle that you may not like after a few sprays. Best part of this box is that the samples are enough for 30 days so you won’t run out and will be able to properly try the scents. For £13 per month it really is a fragrance lover’s dream – it makes a fantastic present also.

little known box


A unique subscription box for those who want some wellness in their lives. This new ethical and sustainable beauty box allows you to try the ‘little known’ niche and new brands that are set to hit the headlines. This box is also customisable with a short questionnaire-like intro to find out your likes and dislikes but is also very different to the other in that its welfare and ethical pillars are what makes this brand so unique. With prices from £12.45 per month it is more than affordable to be ethical, environment and animal friendly.

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Text: Maisie Poulton

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