Beauty Craze of the Month: Au Natural

This year it’s time to ditch the excessive contouring kits and go for a more natural look. Wearing no make-up is great, but if you’re not ready to put down the brush completely, wearing makeup that just looks you aren’t wearing anything, is also just as fabulous.

The key, is to enhance your natural features, and although it may look effortless to the naked eye, we all know this can take a multitude of products to achieve this look. From moisturisers to tinted creams, eye creams to lip stains… we’ve tried them all. For those of you who prefer more coverage of your face, this look might not be your most comfortable.

Over the last few months the ‘less makeup and more skin’ look has been making an appearance on the runway, and on celebrities. Below are some examples:


Low-key lashes are set to have their moment in 2018, and luckily for us they only require one or two coats of mascara maximum! The look can also be achieved with a waterproof mascara accompanied by a few pumps of the eyelash curler. Models have been exhibiting this fresh-faced look on the catwalk.

Etro SS18


Natural feathery brows are also in and are a great way of elongating and lifting your face, they also bring your eyes out too. If you want to achieve a super natural look or don’t have much brow hair to work with, a thin angled brush can be used to draw on individual hairs one by one.

Vicky Zhang SS18


Contouring isn’t dead completely, but this year, less is definitely more. Natural contour has been making an appearance on the red carpet, everywhere.

Cream contours are great to achieve this look because they are easy to blend into the skin, and can be diffused without difficulty if you make any errors. Try to go for less make-up and more natural skin this season, tinted moisturisers and BB creams are a great place to start!


Lip gloss if officially back, which fits in well with the whole ‘au naturel’ theme. Gloss is a great way of making the lips look full and healthy, without being too over the top. It also adds a hint of colour to avoid looking washed out and acts as a natural looking highlighter for the lips. Lip tint is also a great substitute for lipstick if you want a bit more colour than provided by gloss.


Last year many brands had thick powder highlighters that kind of made your face look a bit like a disco ball. This year the focus is much more on cream and liquid products, that look realistic whilst giving extra shine and glow at the same time. The aim of the game is to achieve that dewy skin look which enhances your natural face features, instead of creating new ones. Below Versace use subtle highlighting in the eye tear ducts and the cupids bow to add brightness and definition to the models faces without having to use colour cosmetics.

Versace SS18


Senior Mac Make-up Artist Rebecca Butterworth recently said: “Blush will become the focus of your make up look rather than just an afterthought. Blush might just be the new contour”.

If you are like me and have struggled with the immense amount of blending that is required for contouring, blush may be an easier and much less time-consuming alternative!

Below Philosophy use a hint of cheek stain accompanied with cherry stained lip gloss, a refreshing look that is perfect for Spring just around the corner.

Philosophy SS18

So, will you ditch the stick and go for gloss?

Images: Cosmopolitan, IMAXTREE, Getty Images

Text: Chloe Humphries

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