Beauty Craze of the Month: Box Eyeshadow

Although everybody loves a bit of classic winged eye-liner or the smokey-eyed look, this season it seems that a pop of colour is on the horizon. The bright eye make-up trend is lighting up the world of beauty at the moment.

Light hues and free-hand eyes have taken over the runway this spring, and are channelling ‘cool girl’ vibes from the 90s.

The best part of this trend is that you don’t necessarily need to be a pro at blending or have a meticulously steady hand, you can finger-blend to your hearts content!

Contrary to popular belief, messy can actually look very high fashion too.

Below we take a look at some stylish and fun ways of adding a splash of colour to those peepers:

If you’re feeling bold, a great style to experiment with is covering the eyelid as a complete halo and outlining the edges with a neon liner for a graphic and modern look. Alternatively, if this is a bit OTT for you, you can always just lightly dust the pigment over your bottom and lower lids, with a slick dash of black liquid eyeliner.

But if the idea of wearing vibrant eyeshadow all over your lids scares you, you can opt for a neutral shade on your tip lids, accompanied by brighter tone across your lower lash line to make those eyes pop.

Another fabulous artistic idea is smudging or lightly patting the eye-shadow colours with your fingers to resemble something similar to watercolour brush strokes for a unique and fearless look. We’re definitely getting Lady Gaga – Applause vibes here!

For a more girly and elegant style, the eyeshadow can be blended onto far corner of the lips, the temples and then gradually faded into the cheek bones.

One of our personal favourites, is painting your lids in rainbow style. This is a super fun look that is great for parties and for the festival season fast approaching.

Let us know what you think of these ideas and if you have any personal favourites of your own!

Text: Chloe Humphries

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