Beauty Craze of the Month: Dare to Have Holographic Hair?

Lately there seems to have been an obsession with holographic everything. It started out with accessories, nails, clothes, cheekbones and lips. And now it’s hair. We take a look at the hottest holographic styles…

We’ve had pastel hair, opal hair, unicorn hair, and the next trend on the rise is holographic hair.

A big hit on Instagram, holographic hair takes a twist on the pastel dye trend but mixes it up with silver and grey tones to make the hair actually reflect light, therefor resulting in a holographic effect.

If you are dark-haired it is essential you lighten your hair beforehand to accomplish the desired look. This multi tone effect is reached using the help of Olaplex which helps to lighten hair before you add streaks of violets, pinks, lavenders and blues, ending up with a beautiful holographic rainbow at the end.

In salons, this holographic look is gained by a method called hand-pressed colouring. This is a similar concept to screen printing but adapted to your locks.

The stylist will paint different dye patterns on a Plexiglas sheet and then place sections of hair onto the glass, which in turn dyes the hair.

This is then repeated using different pastel hues, and it faster and more effective then foil and balayage methods, because it allows more control over the vivacity and saturation of the look.

Does the above sound too complicated to you? Well, if your hair is already light, or you just want to experiment at home yourself, Superdrug offer the perfect try at home kits if you’re not too keen on the high salon costs or committing to a permanent colour.

However, if you are fearless and want to give it a go, you will need to make sure you brush the layers in as opposed to adding a colour all over.

Some popular ones to try are ‘Foamo Holographic Hair Foam’ by IGK and ‘L’Oréal ‘s Colorista Washout’, which can be found in Boots or Superdrug stores.

Are you all holographed out, or has this inspired you to take the plunge?

Let us know what you think!

Images: Instagram, L’Oréal Paris, Pinterest

Text: Chloe Humphries

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