Beauty Craze of the Month: Glitter Bums and Tongues

Glitter has been a fast growing trend across festivals, social media and party make up looks. But now the sparkly stuff has started making its way into other shimmering styles.

The festival glitter fever has become a way to decorate your body with gems and coloured glitter to create glitter boobs, to conceal your modesty in the most glamorous fashion! The glitter boob trend has created a whole new venture for make up artists, with these beautiful boob masterpieces storming social media.

Mia Kennington from The Gypsy Shrine took the glitter to another new level, decorating booties for an under shorts look or for glitzing up your bikini look. She said that she admired the way that sand would cling to female rears, so decided to enhance the look, combining jewels, sequins and glitter to create stunning looks.

It is clear that the glitter craze is seriously popular and is giving a new lease of creativity to make up artists and Instagram influencers. But there has been some controversy about how appropriate these looks are. With the glitter tops replacing the need for clothing, and encouraging more skin in show. However by combining glitter with other body paints and the larger stick on jewels, these sparkly outfits can still be made to look sophisticated and modest.

The latest and most questionable of the glitter crazes, is glitter tongues. Yes, sparkly taste buds to match the rest of the glittering look. Glitter tongues have already been all over social media, started by make up artist Jacinta Vukovic. She stumbled upon the look after applying glitter lips. Some of the glitter got on her tongue and she loved the look, so experimented with creating full sparkly tongues.

However, following the trend, a few health warnings have been made clear. The plastic glitter particles can be harmful in large amounts, as they cannot be dissolved so they can cause gut problems, bloating, stomach aches. So maybe if you want to follow the trend, go for an edible glitter instead.

All in all, the glitter sensations are here to stay and there are so many beautiful ways to be inventive with the trend, all ready for the festival season.

Have you tried any of these glittery looks?

Text: Laura Tozer

Images: Glamour, Pinterest, YouTube, Popsugar, Pairad

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