Five Benefits of Using Vegan Makeup

Are you aboard the vegan bandwagon? Are you fully committed to following a vegan lifestyle? Well, you can’t turn fully vegan if you haven’t yet switched to using vegan makeup. Veganism is not just limited to food consumption and clothing, it is also about using the right beauty products for your skin. The beauty industry has caught up and many cosmetic manufacturers have answered their social responsibility to be pro-environment and against animal cruelty by announcing vegan makeup.

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What is vegan makeup?

Vegan makeup is a beauty product that does not contain animal ingredients or animal-related materials. Ingredients like honey, beeswax, collagen, gelatine, cholesterol and others make skincare products glossy and shiny. Just like a star-studded fashion show, these components bring the glamour in the makeup industry glamorous.

However, if we go behind the scenes then we uncover a world of environmental exploitation and animal cruelty in the production of beauty and skincare goods. This is directly countered by vegan makeup. Not only is vegan makeup free of animal ingredients but is devoid of any harmful chemicals and substances. For example, if you have the fetish for mascaras then it’s better to hog the vegan varieties. Here’s some more information on vegan mascara options for you.

1)   Vegan Makeup is animal friendly

It is commonly known that the makeup industry uses animals to test their products on, which can be harmful for the animals and is a form of animal cruelty. To subvert this, companies label products as ‘cruelty-free’, meaning no animals were harmed in the process of manufacture and testing of these goods. However not all ‘cruelty-free’ products are totally vegan, therefore you’ll have to research the company and products before adding them to your powder room.

2)   Vegan beauty products contain more nutrients

Instead of applying harmful chemicals that can speed up your ageing process, why not go for plant-based skincare products that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients. By going vegan while buying beauty products you can get your skin to look vibrant and youthful without having to cough up any side effects.

3)   Vegan makeup is safe for sensitive skin

Vegan products are much gentler and work better on sensitive skin. Vegan makeup doesn’t contain gluten which makes it better for people who suffer from celiac disease and other skin ailments. Problems like acne, eczema, oily or too dry skin can be better dealt with vegan makeup. The natural ingredients in vegan products can help you achieve a glowing and smooth complexion.   

4)   Packaging of vegan products is more environment friendly

Most of the containers of vegan products are recyclable and environment friendly. The plastic bottles that contain your regular shampoos and liquid soaps aren’t recyclable and hence go a long way in causing environmental degradation. Vegan makeup companies use recycled materials as part of their packaging, helping the eco-friendly cause.

5)   Vegan products are safe and healthy for the whole body

You need to be mindful of what you put on your skin. Scientists call the skin as a window to the body. Harmful chemicals can seep deep into our pores disrupting our body’s natural balance, causing all sorts of health issues. The quality of your skin reflects how the internal organs are feeling. Swapping to vegan products can help you look and feel better from inside out. Making these healthy choices can be beneficial for you in the long run.

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So are you ready to make the switch to vegan makeup and vegan beauty products? Here are a few healthier skincare products that you can check out.

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