Best hairstyles for hot weather and holidays

Flower power braids, wet hair effect and simple buns – we have collected the best hairstyles for hot weather and holidays.


Flower power braids

If you want something simple and modest to try this summer, simply braid an ordinary braid and decorate it with flowers. It is not necessary to use live ones, now there are many varieties of artificial flowers on hairpins for you to play with to get that summer look.


Sleek hairstyle

The most popular hairstyle this summer season is the styling with the effect of wet hair. It would look best on short and medium length hair. Hair needs to be smoothed and treated with a comb with gel or mousse on it. In addition, strands on the sides can be decorated with hairpins or bobby pins. On long hair, such a styling will be interesting to supplement with a low beam.



This complex-looking bun is actually quite easy to replicate. It is important to smooth the hair and sprinkle it with a texturizer. Then the hair should be divided into two parts and knotted at the bottom. Fix the ends with the studs and you are ready to go.



Bun on the vertex

Very long hair in the summer heat is best to put together quite tight so that you can forget about it until the evening. Twisted hair can be fixed with stilettos, or, put together in the style of a ballerina’s beam, as at Michael Costello fashion show. You can also put your hair on the so called ‘bagel’, slightly pulling out some strands for a little negligence.




The original option for long hair is to braid the braid and lay it in a low bun. Hair should be fixed with thin elastic bands on the end of the braid and at its base. Then lay it in spiral and fix with invisible studs.



Boxing braids

This hairstyle is a French braid, which is braided in reverse, which means the strands are not superimposed on each other, but are passed one under the other. If the braids are too long, they can be picked up and decorated with a beautiful barrette.



Braids with flowing hair

This is an asymmetric and easy-to-do hairstyle for hair of any length. You will need to braid several braids from the temporal zone in the technique of brady, similar to the French braid technique. Pigtails can be decorated with miniature hairpins.


Marc Valvo

Which of these hairstyles will you chose for your summer holidays?

Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Allure, Flickr

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