The body hair breakdown: What is ‘summer ready’?

Who knew that a bit of au-natural body hair could cause such a social itch?!
Maintaining the perfect hair-free body requires more dedication than most, so as summer approaches are we seeking more effective types of hair removal or embracing the fuzz? Here’s the low-down on the summer body hair trends you need to prep for.

Body hair removal has seen many ‘innovative’ products come and go (for example the dreaded SUGARING… thank goodness that didn’t take off.) however the desire to look as flawlessly polished as a Victoria Secret model has not, or that’s what we thought anyway.

The female stereotype is constantly being challenged, with fresh celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and known hair enthusiast, Julia Roberts, sporting a full hairy armpit, this could be the beginning of embrace our body hair. As summer approaches, there’s nothing more satisfying than stripping the ‘winter coat’ off your legs to reveal baby-soft skin.

However what’s 2019’s best way to remove your body hair this summer?

1) Waxing

The classic. It’s been around for decades and is a all-round top dog in the hair removal world. On, off and done. Beautifully hair-free body for up to 6 weeks. The most affordable form of professional hair removal, which does cause a sting but not with the prices. Most salons and spas will offering anything from eyebrows at £10 to private parts at £40.  Or you can buy your own wax strips form Veet, starting at £10. Waxing is not going anywhere, for now anyway.

2) Laser hair removal

Shot to fame for its ease and longevity. It’s a must for that celebrity finish – laser is will be your new bff.
Yes, it comes with a price tag so not ideal if you’re on a budget but the results are well worth it.
Laser hair removal kills the hair at the root, effectively lowering the chances of hair regrowth in the future.
With most salons now offering payment plans and courses, prices starting from as little as £20. Or you can buy your own, such as Brauns Silk Expert 5 from £329.

3) Go wild and free

Or is the best route going forward to rock the natural look. It’s hastle free, it’s hygienic and it’s cheap. So really- who are we trying to impress with these expensive and painful treatments?

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Text: Maisie Poulton

Images: Allure, Red Carpet Rebel’s, DAYSPA

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