Britney Spears: Piece of Me UK Tour

When I heard Britney Spears was touring the UK this year, I just knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity to finally see my childhood idol, by the seaside.

I’ve been obsessed with Britney since I was about six years old, and have memories of dancing along to her music videos on TV with my flared jeans and rolled up tees. I’m sure you’re guilty of doing the same…

As well as being a global superstar from the age of 16, she has been the paparazzi’s obsession since she danced her way to the top with her high school hottie debut of ‘…Baby One More Time’.

During the late 90s, Britney became the epitome of bubblegum pop, quickly becoming a teen idol with a plethora of chart toppers, and dance moves that seemed to become increasingly popular among my generation.

She quickly transformed herself from the innocent girl next door, to the risqué sex icon we know today with hits such as ‘Toxic’ and ‘Slave 4 U’.

From red spandex cat suits, to a live snake on stage, and that infamous air hostess costume, these unforgettable outfits have gone down in pop culture history.

The lip syncing queen has captivated us with her scandalous outfits and top-selling singles… Yet, she has really managed to charm her fans and followers with her genuine honesty. She’s a reminder that, though we all mess up sometimes, we can always overcome it.

Although I was ecstatic to finally be seeing Britney Spears, I have always been sceptical that it might not live up to my childhood expectations. You know what they say – don’t meet your idols.

The tickets I got were for the Scarborough Open Air Theatre. I couldn’t quite believe that the blonde bombshell was coming to Scarborough and swapping Las Vegas for the seaside.

Nevertheless, on the day of the show the queue to get in was massive and went all the way down the street, but obviously I had expected this due to her huge fan base. Thousands of people excitedly awaited her presence in the rain, including many who had arrived in Britney costumes from her most iconic music videos.

Where else would you see men wearing blonde pigtail wigs, and women dressed in red PVC or as school girls?

Britney kicked off the show with ‘Work B**ch’.  Strangely, it actually felt really surreal and emotional seeing THE Britney in the flesh for the first time. I was also incredibly lucky to have got standing tickets and be right at the front by the stage, literally metres away from her.

As the first few songs rolled out, it became apparent that Britney did not sing a single note live. It was almost comical at how obvious the miming was. I would like to say I was shocked, but we all know this is something that Britney is known for.

Yes, this was disappointing particularly as the tickets were so expensive, but nevertheless the dancing made up for her lip-syncing. Also, if I had to remember all that choreography, and dance in front of thousands of people, I definitely wouldn’t be able to sing at the same time.

I’ll admit though, her dancing wasn’t AS engaging and upbeat as it was in the early 2000s, but as an artist I guess you have to adapt your material and stage presence to suit current trends in the music industry.

An aspect I was particularly enthused by were Britney’s elaborate costumes. Throughout the performance, she changed outfits several times. However, I found I could hardly distinguish one from the other.

To summarise, there were diamante bralets and leotards, which were not as iconic as her previous stage costumes that she’s known for.

Then again, it would be silly to expect her to still be break dancing in cargo trousers, chunky trainers and metallic crop tops… She still looked incredible either way.

Throughout the show, we got to travel through the different eras of Britney’s pop career, from ‘Oops I did it Again’ and ‘You Drive Me Crazy’ to my personal favourites, ‘Gimme’ More’ and ‘Piece of Me’.

It was clear that everybody was feeling the nostalgia.  There was never a dull moment, and the crowd were constantly dancing and singing along to the classics.

Yes, there were definitely improvements that could have been made (singing live for a start).Yet overall, the combination of Britney’s infectious energy, and her intricate dance choreography, went truly beyond your average pop concert, to create a truly entertaining and theatrical performance.

As well as this the lights and stage props used made it visually captivating to watch. I had the greatest time (although I am biased of course) and would definitely recommend.

Although Britney may not be the best singer, she definitely knows how to put on a show.

There is no denying the singer’s impact on the music industry, and despite her rise, and her public downfall, and her resurrection, to this day, people are still listening to her greatest hits.

Whether you are a super fan of Britney or think she is a talentless fraud, she will always have a spot in everyone’s recollection of the 90’s.

Have you seen Britney lately? If so, what did you think?


Text: Chloe Humphries

Images: Yorkshire Coast Radio, Business Insider UK, Daily Mail, Billboard, Huffington Post, Chloe Humphries, BBC

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