The film industry is constantly evolving, with upcoming directors, films and actors trying to break the mould, and show us something innovative. Whether you’re a fan of Foreign Film, Disney, Box Office hits, Indie Dramas, or Cult Classics, we’ve got you covered. Backstage Tales’s Film Archives, doesn’t only keep you updated on what’s going on in the film industry, but provides you with a taste of the socio-political climate that is constantly evolving within this industry. Sexuality, gender equality, feminism, the impact of Brexit, and racism, among others, are all aspects of film we explore, in order to make our readers aware of the current issues behind the big screen. But it’s not all about the films that are already out there. If you’re a budding filmmaker, YouTuber, or actor, we offer advice, and direction on how to catch the eye of film moguls, and break into this crowded industry. So, if you’re looking for a film to watch, or simply want to know what Spielberg’s latest project is, read on, and take a glance behind the camera.