Collaboration of the Moment: Barbour by ALEXACHUNG

The much anticipated collaboration between two British fashion icons has finally been unleashed – read on to find out everything about Barbour by ALEXACHUNG.

Think of Glastonbury fashion and one person comes to mind. Overtaking Kate Moss’ legendary maxi belt and mini dress of 2005, Alexa Chung is the reigning sartorial queen of Worthy Farm. Whether its PVC trousers, a pie-crust collar or a silver playsuit, most of Chung’s festival-friendly looks are finished off by, you guessed it, a wax Barbour coat.

So, like bangers and mash, Sonny and Cher, Hunter wellies and mud, Chung has perfectly partnered up with the wax coat aficionados – and I don’t think I’m the only one to say about time.

But this love affair began way before Chung’s first trip to Glasto. Growing up in the quaint village of Privett, Chung fondly recalls wearing her Barbour to muck out her pony: “I have so many memories wearing Barbour but the earliest are the most nostalgic and therefore special.”

However, Chung’s muse for the first drop of this two year, four season deal is a far cry from her Hampshire stables. The patchwork jacket was inspired by a retirement present the designer discovered for a man fond of the great outdoors, and the sky blue raincoat nods towards the emblematic one once donned by Liam Gallagher.

Speaking of music, ALEXACHUNG x Barbour launched on June 9th – cleverly scheduled prior to Pyramid Stage frivolities. Chung commented, “look at any image of me in Barbour from yesteryear and you will see that I often turn up the sleeves of the jackets to show off the lining,” and this is precisely one of the main differences between classic Barbours and Chung’s creations. The sleeves are shorter, the silhouettes more fitted, and each jacket comes with an exterior labelling motif to set these wax jackets apart from the rest.

This eye for detail is what we would expect from a limited edition capsule collection and is definitely a design element that customers will buy into. So despite the jackets being on the pricier side – ranging from £249 to £429 – a Barbour is for life, not just for Christmas and this investment will be Worthy (get it?) of every penny.

See you at the festival.

The Barbour x ALEXACHUNG collection is available on and selected worldwide stockists.


Text: Natalie Zannikos

Images: Vogue, Instagram

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