The Hottest Colour Trends of Summer 2020

Warm weather has arrived in spectacular style. With pubs and bars across the country opening from the fourth of July, we’ll finally be able to resume some form of social life – albeit while taking sensible precautions, and keeping a distance from one another. This gradual resumption of normal service means that we’ll have to spend at least a bit of time thinking about what we look like. During the lockdown, most of us have simply worn whatever’s comfortable, and there’s been limited opportunity to think about things like colour. Well, now’s the time to give yourself a post-lockdown pick-me-up, and flaunt some eye-catching new apparel, supported by luxury handbags and other desirable accessories. But what colours are likely to be on the menu this summer?

colour trends in fashion

Bright White

Summer just wouldn’t be summer if it didn’t provide an excuse to wear something in pure white. Since you probably haven’t bought anything for the past few months, it’s a perfect time to put together a clean white ensemble that’ll catch every ray of sunshine. White is something that’s entirely neutral and timeless and will pair nicely with a lot of your existing stuff. As such, it’s easy to recommend!

Bright Red

When the temperatures are scorching, why not match them with some appropriately warm colours of your own? Scarlets and crimsons call to mind fire, blood and passion, and thus they’re a perfect riposte to the doldrums we’ve found ourselves in over the past few months. Perfect for those going bold!

red clothes

Coral Pink

On the other hand, you might prefer something that’s a little more on the subdued side. Salmon and coral pink are easy on the eye, and put across a distinct sort of femininity when they’re paired with the right materials.

coral pink colour trend

Pale Blue

Soft denim shades are all the rage in 2020 colour trends. While denim itself may be under threat thanks to the continued rise of sweat-pants, and athleisure in general, faded-denim blue has found its way onto t-shirts, dresses and skirts. It’s easy to pull off, and contrasts nicely with a range of more in-your-face shades.

pale blue denim


Saffron goes in the opposite direction, providing an early touch of the autumnal. You might associate bright orange with Buddhist monks and American prison uniforms. But if you embrace it, you can pull it off. Don’t be half-hearted, and be sure to think about colour theory, as there are only certain combinations that pair nicely with bright orange.

orange textiles

Which one of these colour trends do you like the most?

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