Why we no longer watch comedy movies in movie theatres?

Action movies are killing at the box office. Comedies are dying. Let’s blame Netflix and globalisation, shall we?

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Comedies are quickly losing their positions in cinemas. According to the data compiled by The Numbers magazine, this genre is becoming less and less popular in movie theatres, however, is not losing its popularity in streaming. In 2018, cinemas received only 6.9% of their income from comedies. In comparison, back in 2006, this figure was 21%.

nobody goes to see comedies at the movies anymore - backstage tales

As Quartz magazine explains, today the dominant genre in movie theatres is action and adventure. Such films are more interesting to watch on a big screen and with good sound, while comedies can be watched at home in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

Action and adventure movies have taken over cinema. With better home-entertainment options, studios really have to give people a reason to go to the theatre. Big action movies tend to have an advantage on big screens, while it isn’t all that different to watch a comedy or drama from the couch” – Quartz.

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A huge part of the modern cinemas’ income is ‘taken away’ by streaming services. For example, American comedian Adam Sandler signed a contract with Netflix back in 2014, and the service claims the incredible success of his films with the viewers. With constantly increasing movie theatre tickets prices, people also prefer to spend money on ‘big’ movies or movies which would be more interesting to watch on a big screen, rather than at home on the telly or a laptop.

nobody goes to see comedies at the movies anymore - backstage tales

Finally, globalisation also affects film distribution. Comedies will not always be understood by the foreign public. Studios prefer to shoot in other genres which would potentially be understood by wider audiences. At the end of 2018 Rolling Stone magazine published a list of the 50 best comedies of the XXI century. Pictures include Idiocracy (2006), Step Brothers (2008), In The Loop (2009), Best in Show (2000), Superbad (2007) and more. Would you rather watch them in a movie theatre or on your couch at home with some decent takeaway?

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Step Brothers (2008)

When was the last time you went to the cinema to watch a comedy film?

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Text: Irina Gorskaia

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