Copenhagen Fashion Week is the One to Watch

In comparison to London, Paris, Milan and New York, Copenhagen Fashion Week may not be considered as significant in the fashion calendar. The ‘Big Four’ fashion cities have decade-spanning legacies whereas the Danish capital’s first fashion week was just in 2006. However, Scandinavian trends have been sweeping the beauty, homeware and fashion industries for a few years now. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have most likely been lured into the cozy stylings of ‘hygge’ or simple, effortless city-chic clothing. With this in mind, Copenhagen is becoming just as important and influential as the other four fashion capitals – and here’s why you should be paying attention.

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I visited Copenhagen for the first time last year and it truly felt like a place that had an indefinable buzz about it. It is a city that has so much to offer and I was really excited by the prospect of writing this article because, simply put, I want to boast about how incredible Copenhagen is! This mind-set has seemed to rub-off on the Copenhagen Fashion Week organisers who share the beliefs that CFW should “give way to home-grown brands”, “create an intimate and smooth experience” and to “leverage the opportunities the city offers.”

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One of my favourite collections comes from homegrown designer Emilie Helmstedt. Her AW19 creations (pictured below) were inspired by local hero and author Hans Christian Andersen. Drawing upon the recent trend of “pyjamas as daywear”, Helmstedt’s collection was based on the story The Princess and the Pea. I think this collection really stood out because it encompasses one of the values of CFW by showcasing the city in such a positive and creative way as well as giving way to new talent.

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Fan favourite Saks Potts hosted a highly popular drop-in lunch session to celebrate their Valentine’s Day inspired collection. Before long, the venue was full to the brim with supporters wearing the brands iconic, colourful puffer jackets. The label has recently broke through the ranks to Hollywood, with Cardi B seen sporting a custom made coat.

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Aside from the collections on the runways, fashionistas proved that you can make any street a catwalk. Copenhagen Fashion Week proved to be a masterclass in winter fashion with knitwear styling expertise and a fail-safe guide on how to layer clothing (without looking like you’re wearing every item from your wardrobe). On average, Copenhagen sees four hours of sunlight a day during winter and temperatures can drop to -4 degrees, so it is equally as important to feel healthy and energised as it is to look the part. Therefore the general choice for the girl about town was a perfectly balanced ensemble of comfort, effortlessness and practicality – fashion that serves a purpose.

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Overall, I think Copenhagen Fashion Week is one to watch in years to come because it is a fashion event that truly encompasses the eclectic and exciting nature of the city. Copenhagen is so enthralling and riddled with fascinating heritage that I truly believe it will inspire a new generation of Danish designers to draw on their own experiences, resulting in more personable, uniquely curated collections that are quintessentially Copenhagen.


Text: Emily Jordan

Images: The Local Denmark, Scandinavia Standard, Copenhagen Fashion Week, VOGUE.

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