Crocs are back… once again. But were they or will they ever be ‘cool’?

Generally speaking, Crocs are like marmite- you either love them, or you hate them.


Crocs were never designed to be fashionable, they were created for their functionality. The company started up in 2002, where they set out to have a new spin on the boat shoe. The aesthetic of the shoe was widely mocked, but fans of the brand loved how comfortable they were.


Original Crocs are made from a lightweight synthetic foam material, with anti-bacterial elements, as well as having air holes all over the shoe to ensure the reduction of sweaty feet.

We all know style and comfort don’t always come hand in hand when it comes to footwear, often causing people to choose between being either practical or fashionable.

For years Crocs have been stereotyped as the shoes of chefs and gardeners, so how did they end up on the runway?


Celebrity chef Mario Batali wearing Crocs.

In 2017 British designer Christopher Kane sent models down the runway of London Fashion Week in embellished crocs. Kane was the first major up-market designer to collaborate with the brand.


Christopher Kane x Crocs Collection.

Although Kane’s collaboration with Crocs faced a lot of negative criticism, it gave the brand tonnes of media coverage.

Head of merchandising for Crocs, Michelle Poole said “We are the brand that people love to hate. Actually, we value the tension because it keeps us relevant”.

As well as this, other designers like Balenciaga collaborated with Crocs in late 2017, except this time it was a platform version. The collaborative collection was hyped up so much, that by the time the shoes were available to pre-order, they sold out by noon.


Balenciaga x Crocs collaboration.

This year, it appears that Crocs are back yet again.

A recent report conducted by eBay has shown that there were over 25,000 searches for Crocs on the site in April, suggesting that many customers are keen to grab a pair before the peak of summer.

Even celebrities seem to be supporting the brand. In March Drew Barrymore starred in Crocs latest advertisement.


Drew Barrymore in Crocs Advertisement.

Also, recently New York-based brand Alfie have started stocking Crocs with a pair of white socks built in, that is being sold for over £100.


The retailer is said to be using this design as a tribute to 70s fashion whilst combing it with the ‘socks and sandals’ trend to create a new wacky concept.

If this wasn’t unusual enough, Alife has also launched a 3D croc, also known as ‘the Art Crock’, which features 3D buildings and landmarks sprouting out of the shoes.


We’re not too sure how practical these ones will be…

Whether you are crazy for Crocs or they just make you cringe, it’s clear that Crocs are a resilient brand, and are still relevant

Let us know how you feel about their new designs!

Text: Chloe Humphries

Images: Getty, Vogue, Crocs,, Man Repeller, Ti

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